Payment Gateway


Online payments with great customer service!

Using Beanstream takes the pain out of getting paid online so you will get paid faster and even automatically by using the magic of FreshBooks recurring billing.

How it works

Between their straightforward monthly pricing, flexibility to cancel any time with no penalty, and their great customer service they are a great fit for any small business growing their business online. Beanstream connects to your FreshBooks account letting you accept online credit-card payments through your invoices. It is also compatible with the auto-bill feature -letting you set your subscription billing on auto-drive! Beanstream is great for businesses based in both Canada and the United States.

Get Started

To get your beanstream account, click on the Get Started link. Once you have a Beanstream account, then you can set it up in your FreshBooks account by,

  1. Going to “Settings” in the top right corner of your account and then to the “Online Payment” page
  2. Check off Beanstream under the “Auto-bill Capable Gateways”
  3. You’ll be prompted for three pieces of information from your Beanstream account: Merchant ID, User Login, and Password
  4. Save your changes!

You should now be set to accept credit-card payments through your invoices.