Everything you love about FreshBooks… from your BlackBerry!

ReportAway! is a FreshBooks app for BlackBerry smart phones, that lets you create invoices and track time to your FreshBooks account wherever you are. From ReportAway! you can create invoices to your FreshBooks account which can be sent out immediately to your clients. It also lets you enter payments, create estimates, track time to your projects, and add expenses while on the go. There is also a handy mileage calculator for automobile expense entry.

ReportAway! integrates with native BlackBerry Phone, Contacts, Calendar and Task applications. Import BlackBerry phone logs, calendar events, or tasks as time into FreshBooks. You can also import BlackBerry contacts as FreshBooks clients.

Getting Started

ReportAway! is available through the FreshBooks Add-on Store. Login to your FreshBooks account and click on the ‘Add-on Store’ link to access the store and get ReportAway! After you have purchased the app you can set it up by taking the following steps,

  1. Install ReportAway! by clicking on the download button from your BlackBerry, and follow the setup instructions from your phone.
  2. Start ReportAway!
  3. From the setup wizard, enter your FreshBooks subdomain (without the “http://” or “”)
  4. A browser will pop-up, bringing you to the FreshBooks OAuth screen. Enter your FreshBooks username and password and click the “Allow Access” button to approve access to your FreshBooks account.
  5. ReportAway! will then synch with your FreshBook account.


All BlackBerry models running greater than or equal to OS4.5 and less than OS10 excluding any models with side thumb wheels (these are much older devices) are supported. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a Storm 2 (9550) you will need to disable “compatibility mode” for ReportAway- FB on the Options->Applications screen of the BlackBerry.