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Meetings Only Get in Your Way…Avoid Them

When you run a small company, you need to make the most of your time.  One way to waste time is meetings.  The FACT is you don’t need everyone at every meeting…that is a huge mistake small companies can make – they “try to include everybody” all the time. Don’t do your team any favours…chances are they would rather be at their desk working on whatever project they are working anyway…let them get to it and stay at it.

The ONLY meetings that we invite everyone to are long term DIRECTIONAL MEETINGS…the “here is the vision” meetings…we have those once every 3-6 months…seriously…if you think you need more meetings with everyone together at one time…burning the clock…I’ll bet you’re wrong.

Jason at 37 Signals points out there is no such thing as a one hour meeting.  I concur.  Here are 10 Steps to Better Meetings.

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