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Custom Login Page Contest!

As our new forum celebrates its first month, I would just like to remind everyone about our custom login page contest.  The first three people to reach 100 posts will get a free customized login page (valued at $279 USD each).

Here are the current rankings as of July 7th:
1. Cemper with 6 posts.
2. Ilya with 5 posts.
3. NorthIowaWebsites, Bpny, Slruff, Wisecounselor, and Basquen tied with 3 posts.

Join the contest today and register on our forum.  It’s easy.  I have even started a post where you can introduce yourself and network with others.

Don’t forget the prize. Your very own custom login page.  See the normal login page on the left and the custom login page on the right.
yourcompany-login.gif     anicon-login.gif

- They look great and make you look professional.
- Maintain a consistent web presence as your clients will not be alerted that they have left your website.
- Your clients can continue to browse your services after they have logged out.  They might even find other products and services they are interested in.
- They are made to order, and are customized to your exact specifications.

  • Donna Vitan

    This is an awesome opportunity! I’ve checked the forum and so far it looks like a pretty open competition. I really want to reach that 100 post mark but how else can I do that without resorting to becoming a post whore? There simply isn’t enough conversation to go around!

  • Michael McDerment


    You are absolutely right. We have a few new forums set to be released that are less FreshBooks centric in nature and better lend themselves to discussion.

    We’ll try to release them soon and stimulate the debate. Thanks for posting.

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