2007 customer survey results: giddy-up!

Every year we survey our customers to get a read on how we are doing. Like last year, we are amazed and excited by the results. Check them out:

2007 FreshBooks survey results

Wow! While the image above speaks for itself, just so things are crystal clear, let’s give it a walk-through.

Finding #1: FreshBooks users save valuable time

Our users reported that since they started using FreshBooks they save on average 4.5 hours a month. To put that into perspective, our customers bill an average of $80 per hour so with 4.5 extra hours a month to do their actual work (and not invoicing) they can earn an extra $360 per month. That’s over $4000 per year. Not bad for a service with paid packages that start at $14 per month.

Finding #2: FreshBooks users get paid faster & collect more

FreshBooks users also report getting paid 4 days faster, and one-third are collecting at least 10% more money than they were before FreshBooks.

Finding #3: FreshBooks users are sharing the love!

We are truly humbled by these findings, even more so by the fact that we raised the percentage of users that would happily refer FreshBooks to a friend or colleague, from our 2006 referral rate of 98%, to an incredible 99%. Find it all hard to believe? We do too to be honest, but we’ve learned from our users how they do it and we are going to spend some time in future postings explaining FreshBooks users achieve these results and how you can too.

Thank you so much!

A very big thank you to everyone who took the time to answer the survey questions… and a special “shout out” to Chef Taryn of the Savoury Chef on being randomly selected to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate for sharing her thoughts.

If you’re not using FreshBooks yet, sign up for a free trial to see what it’s like to save time, get paid more and faster, and look even more professional.

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  • Doc

    Go Freshbooks!!!

  • http://www.esiod.com David Jacques-Louis

    Absolutely amazing service

  • http://www.addsurveys.com addsurveys

    Companies need to survey their best customers, not those with an axe to grind. Notably, it is more common to Business survey the wrong customer in the business-to-business market.

  • http://www.moore-tech.com Eugene Moore

    I have been using Freshbooks for roughly 4 months and I absolutely love this product. Creating invoices and tracking time has never been so simple. It has allowed me to concentrate more time on resolving client’s issues than on creating a billing system that works and is effortless. It is also great for the rest of my team to be able to input in their time slips in a simple user friendly way.

    I am extremely pleased with the product.