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FreshBooks website redesign

by Casey McKinnon  |  February 9/2011  |  , ,

Woo-hoo! FreshBooks has a new website design and we’re hoping you like it.

FreshBooks - Online Invoicing, Time Tracking & Billing Software

After many years of only small revisions, the hard working design team at FreshBooks (seen below) decided to do a complete redesign and fix a number of the problems that had crept up over time on the website.

Over the next while, the design team will be writing posts about the redesign, including why the redesign, the guiding constraints and principals. The team includes Erin, Tiffany, Jeremy, John, Jeff and myself.

Designers at FreshBooks

The dream team!

On behalf of all of FreshBooks, we’d like to give a great big thank you to our amazing FreshBooks design team! Also, we’d like to thank designer extraordinaire Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain whose finger prints are all over the site as well.

Now… we know FreshBooks is designing for a tough crowd as many of our customers are design geniuses themselves. So, perhaps most importantly… what do you think?!

  • Andrew

    I love that the little factoids on bottom stayed in the new design. It’s always fun seeing how much larger the Freshbooks economy is than many of the countries that try to scam us online.

  • Pashmina

    Awesome job guys! I really like the clean, predictable (and yes, within some constraints is good) design you’ve got going.

    I prefer this easy to read/grasp look over some unconventional tactics I’ve seen with some other redesigns (ahem, Mailchimp).

    One thing though about the whole Tour section. Freshbooks kicks ass at invoicing and time tracking, or the first 4 tabs. The next 4 tabs are kinda secondary selling points. And while you have them ordered to follow that hierarchy, I don’t think it’s enough. From your end I’d want to ensure that I’m funneling my prospects to see the first 4 tabs as most important, and the other tabs as secondary. So maybe those last 4 tabs can be removed and placed somewhere else as links, and take up less real estate. Kind of like how you’ve done with your main nav with the smaller links on the right. Am I making sense?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Yes Pashmina, we completely agree. The Tour is one of the first things we’re going to be tackling during our next phase of design. Stay tuned!

  • Ben

    It’s good to know that Jeff has finally let himself go now that he’s married.

  • Justyna

    Hi!I have been reading your blog for a while now as you are a great example of successful online marketing.And I have to say: I love it! Your branding colours remind me a bit of my company but your website is much ‘faster’, vivid, interactive and you can definitely tell it was made by people for people! Brilliant job guys! We can only learn from you!

  • Jeff Sarmiento

    Ben: I blame the lighting. Yeah, the lighting is terrible in that part of the office.

  • Chris

    was the redesign only on the front page? my login page and everything else seems the same.

  • Dominic

    Super amazing clean look.

    How come there’s no videos on the How It Works page? A short video would be a good addition for those people that don’t take the time to read the entire web page.

  • Gloria Chik

    Looking good everyone (dare I say Fresh?)

  • Daisy Jiang

    This comment’s a bit outdated, but I love your website! Been trying to contact Jeff S for a while now, b/c I’m doing a website redesign myself and wanted to tap his brain, but I couldn’t reach him.

    Great job nonetheless!

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