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Infographic: Death to the Paper Check

by John Coates  |  April 20/2011  |  , ,

Death to the Paper Check
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If you’re interested in tearing up your paper checks, explore PayPal Business Payments for businesses in the United States.

  • Dan Castillo

    Yes we need a better method. No argument from me. I challenge you to be more effective than a client writing a paper check two days late the next time they show up at the office. The reality is convenience for me, does not equate to client (customer) convenience. I call this trend convenient convenience brought on by the smart phone craze. Unfortunately my business can’t lore over their existence by terminating cell phone services or something else. I (you) have to automate options.

  • Chuck Bergeron

    We’ve been accepting only online payments (PayPal, MC & Visa) since January and it’s working (pretty) slick.

    Down with the paper cheque!

  • Todd

    Nice infographic. This is the second time in two weeks that I’ve wished for a way to share FreshBooks blog posts and tie my referral URL into it somehow. That’s currently not an option, of course, but consider this a feature request. You often have good content and it would be nice to get credit if someone were to sign up via shared blog URLs.

  • Triple 3

    A lot of businesses don’t have the margins to pay the merchant service fees of credit card processors 2.5% to 4%. Freshbooks is trying to attract small businesses that should consider payment from a check as valuable – 2.5% to 4% more money earned.

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