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Introducing: FreshBooks’ first book, Breaking The Time Barrier

Click here to download the book.

I believe anyone who provides a valuable service should get paid for the value they deliver.

In January 2003, I was running a small design firm when I finally snapped. I was using Microsoft Word to bill my clients when I accidently saved over an invoice. The frustration of billing my clients overwhelmed me, and so did the thought of using accounting software—so I built my own solution.

Building my own product company quickly became a passion, but passion projects don’t pay…at least not on day one. To keep the lights on I moved into my parents’ basement for 3.5 years to save money and I completely revamped how I ran my design firm to the point where I worked 19 days in one year and generated over $200,000 to fund my side project. How did I do that? This book will show you—and help you do it too.

Thinking back, my ability to work so little and produce so much income had a lot to do with how I priced and positioned my services, something most small business owners struggle with. So I sat down with Donald Cowper—a best-selling author who joined FreshBooks as our small business writer last year—to try and capture the essence of things. The result is this book—a business fable designed to share the lessons I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.

This book will take you one hour to read, and you can read it for free. But a free book about pricing, that’s ironic, no? Yes. So here’s the twist: I hope that once you have read this book you will find it so valuable you will WANT to pay for it to recognize its value. Should you feel that way, please do two things. First, share it with others so they can benefit too. Second, go to where you can pay what you believe this book is worth to you and your business…it could be one dollar, could be $5000—you decide.

With that, enjoy.

Mike McDerment
Co-founder & CEO FreshBooks

P.S: Bestselling authors Tim Ferriss, Michael Gerber and Daniel Pink believe the hour you’ll spend reading this book is well worth it. Click here to download the book.

  • Donald_FreshBooks

    Hi Sophia,
    Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful sentiment! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, and feel you’ve had a breakthrough. All the best.

  • Caleb

    Hey Mike, thanks for writing this book. I have been studying for the past year how to provide more value to my web design clients. I really want to provide them with huge ROI for their business, and charge a better rate in relation to that return.

    This book was another big step on my journey to a more successful business!
    Thanks, and thanks.
    – Caleb Mellas

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