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The pivot is overrated and other advice from FreshBooks Founder

FreshBooks’ Co-founder and CEO, Mike McDerment, recently spoke to a room of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs at the SociaLight 2013 Conference and we managed to grab a camera and capture it on video. During his talk, Mike shared some highlights of his own entrepreneurship journey and in turn, we’d like to share with you.

Part 1: Humble beginnings

In this first instalment of three, Mike sets the stage and talks about FreshBooks’ humble beginnings.

Part 2: The importance of staying focused

Mike learned many lessons on his entrepreneurship journey and one of the most critical ones was maintaining focus. Why is focus so critical in the early stages of a company?

Part 3: Get your ideas out of your head and onto paper

Aside from sheer willpower and determination, what’s one thing you can do to nourish focus while building your business? Mike, for one, is a big believer in lists.

More great ideas to grow your business

FreshBooks Founder Mike McDerment shares his gritty, honest advice on getting your brand right.

Discover how competition can unleash the true power of your business.

  • Suraj Kumar

    Awesome post. I am big fan of Mike McDerment.

  • FreshLindsay

    Thanks Suraj! That means a lot to us!

  • Roberto Robles

    Have to agree with Mike. We entrepreneurs want to do a million things, we have hundreds of ideas, but if we focus on one goal and put all of our efforts on one thing, we can do amazing things.

  • FreshLindsay


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