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Make getting paid easier with Stripe

by Rob Guenette  |  December 18/2013  |  ,



FreshBooks is always looking for ways to make running your small business easier—and a big part of that is helping you get paid faster.

If you haven’t heard of Stripe they’re making big waves in the online payment world, making it simpler than ever before for businesses to collect payments online. They’re also one of FreshBooks’ featured payment gateways.

Stripe is available to businesses in the US (USD), Canada (CAD/USD), and the UK (GPB/EUR/USD).  You can accept payments in these currencies from anywhere in the world though – so long as your customers are paying you with a major branded credit card.

Here are a few ways Stripe is streamlining the way you collect payments:

1) With Stripe, there’s no need for a merchant account. This means you can get set up and start collecting payments in minutes.

2) Stripe takes care of everything involved in the process: you can process one-time credit card transactions or set your clients up on recurring automatic billing. Your earnings are directly transferred to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.

3) Stripe’s pricing is straightforward and transaction-based. This means you only pay Stripe when you make money. Pricing is set at a competitive 2.9% and $0.30 per successful transaction for Canadian and US businesses.  Pricing is set at 2.4% and 24c in the UK and Ireland. No set up fees. No hidden fees.

4) Your clients never have to leave FreshBooks to pay you. Clients view their invoice online, click to pay, enter their credit card information and they’re done. It’s that simple.

You can set up a Stripe account directly from your FreshBooks account. Here’s how:

  1. Log into your FreshBooks account.
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ link in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on the ‘Online Payments’ tab.
  4. Check the box beside Stripe.
  5. Click the blue ‘Connect with Stripe’ button.
  6. Enter your details to sign up for a Stripe Account.
  7. Click ‘Authorize Access’ to this Account when finished.
  8. You will be redirected back to FreshBooks and your Stripe account will be enabled. You are now ready to accept credit card payments online. When your client views an invoice they should see a ‘Pay Now’ button which will allow them to enter the credit card details.

Questions for Stripe? Contact their team at or visit their support page.

To see a full listing of the payment gateways that FreshBooks integrates with, click here.

  • Blair Collins

    This is great news! However, Stripe appears to only work in CAD for Freshbooks customers in Canada but the blog post here says CAD/USD. I want to ditch Paypal but so far it appears to be the only Freshbooks compatible payment gateway that handles both CAD and USD in Canada.

  • FreshRob

    Hi Blair,

    That’s actually a limitation on our end and not a Stripe’s. FreshBooks is only able to process payments online in your base currency (with the exception of PayPal since it redirects you to PayPal’s site) – so even though Stripe can handle USD or CAD, FreshBooks is only able to process online payments in one of those per account.

    We definitely hear you though on accepting multi-currency payments and I’ll make sure our Product team see this!

  • Dwayne

    I would like to second this. We just set up a Freshbooks account (part of our New Years streamlining resolution), and we went with PayPal for processing because some of our clients want to be billed in USD. If we could use Stripe, and direct from Freshbooks, that would be a big plus for us.

  • FreshRob

    Hey Dwayne,

    Thanks for letting us know! I’ve made sure to record your voice against that feature request.


  • James

    Third-ed. I’m based in Canada but most of my income is USD. Would love to be able to bill US clients in USD through Stripe.

  • FreshRob

    Hi James,

    Just wanted to confirm that we’ve got your feedback taken down on our side. Thanks for letting us know!


  • Brandon Richards

    Is it possible to also send the customer data to stripe so that it creates the customer in their system that way the reporting works?

  • Sharps Containers

    nice to know about stripe.

  • FreshRob

    Hi Brandon,

    The integration isn’t built to send that info as well as save it right now, but I can definitely add it as a feature request!


  • Waiting

    How’s this request looking with stripe??

    We have a US Bank account for our American clients and a separate CAD account for our Canadian clients and has been working great.

    It’s pretty much the only reason we haven’t jumped over to Freshbooks yet.

  • FreshRob

    Hey there,

    I can’t say much in terms of things that may or may not be added to FreshBooks in the future unfortunately. That being said if you want to shoot me an email ( I can add your contact info to the feature request so if there is anything you’ll be contacted directly.


  • Waiting

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I was digging a bit more and stumbled upon “How do multiple currency work in freshbooks?” post in your FAQ.

    Would it be possible to set up multiple bank accounts? One for my US account and one for my CAD account.. then switching the base currency to US when I’m billing for a US client..

  • FreshRob


    Yep you can do that. Just be aware though that when you switch from CAD to USD, any CAD invoices will have their online payments disabled until you switch your currency back.


  • Waiting

    That works fine as we are a pay first, work second kind of company, and we bill by the week ;)

    Thanks again for the quick replies. Saul should be proud.

  • Sam

    Hi Rob, just sent you an email. I’d really appreciate this functionality.

    Additionally, are there plans to have multicurrency expenses in the near future? Most of my clients are CAD but many of my expenses are USD.

  • FreshRob

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks for the email, I’ll reply shortly! In short though I can’t say whether it is something that we’ll implement or not, but it is definitely something we get a ton of requests for, so it is very on our radar!


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