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API happenings and going-ons

by Ben Vinegar | August 10/2007 | api, cost-of-goods-sold, fresh-stuff

In case you missed it, we re-released the FreshBooks API in late June. Here’s a quick look at what’s happened since:

  • Several kind users have contributed Ruby, Perl, and Symfony (PHP) client-libraries that make it easy to integrate with the FreshBooks API.
  • Looking to make a quick buck? A number of our customers are hiring developers to help their businesses integrate with FreshBooks via the API. Please check out the developer forums for details.
  • Recurring invoicing via the API is on its way. This much requested feature will be included with the next major release of FreshBooks (sneak peek here).

If you’d like to get up-to-the-minute API news, please check out our dedicated FreshBooks API blog.

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