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API Released - version 1.11

by Daniel Tsang | February 8/2006 | cost-of-goods-sold

Hi everyone. My name is Daniel and welcome to my first blog post. I am a member of the FreshBooks development/support team and today I am proud to introduce to you our new API (Application Program Interface).

Click here to download our API

For those of you who are not familiar with an API, an API is “any interface that enables one program to use facilities provided by another”. In other words, our API will allow you create invoices and clients in your FreshBooks account from an external program. Most of you might find it useful to use our API to create clients or even send invoices from your commercial websites, but that is just one of the many things you can do with our API.

The following is a list of things you can do with our API:

  • Create clients and invoices from your website.
  • Update your FreshBooks account in real time.
  • Avoid entering duplicate data.
  • Avoid errors from keying data.
  • Automate your FreshBooks system (This saves you time).
  • Allows you to design your own user-interface.
  • Design your own custom solutions around FreshBooks (Integrate FreshBooks with your other B2B solutions).
  • Integrate FreshBooks with your store front (shopping cart).
  • Import your own unique invoice and client data.

Our API works with XML (Extensible Markup Language) which is a popular format for transferring data on the web and in databases. Basic use of our API will involve your server sending XML to our server. Once our server receives the XML, your FreshBooks account will be updated with the new information in real time. Our API is currently limited to creating and updating client/invoices, but we will be updating our API in the coming months. Subscribe to this blog and I will keep you informed.

If you are interested in trying our API, you can download it from the following web address:

Click here to download our API

P.S: We are also developing a new forum so we can share ideas and code relating to our API. I will keep you informed.

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