Caption Contest: What are these two twirlers thinking?

Caption Contest FreshBooks

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. We name Steve the winner for his caption: All it takes is Freshbooks, a dream, and a pair of nuts. Congrats Steve, look out for an email from Justine. And thanks again to everyone for playing!

The two crazy twirlers above are pretty darn excited about their flourishing relationship – in business, that is. That’s right, while most people around the world will be celebrating romantic relationships tomorrow in honor of Valentine’s Day, these two cool cats are reflecting on the business relationships they’ve cultivated in the past year – new clients, supportive peers, prospective customers and heck, even their tax accountants.

Problem is, we don’t know exactly what they’re thinking… perhaps you could tell us?

Contest time: Leave a comment below sharing your caption for the photo above. Alternatively, you can also send a tweet with the hashtag #fbcaption. The most creative response will win a $50 Amazon gift card. Contest closes Friday February 15th at 4pm EST, and the winner will be announced on the blog and via Twitter shortly after. Best of luck!


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  • Tyler

    This new Freshbooks iPad application makes us want to dance!

  • George

    My wife will understand, its billable hours!

  • Ralph

    Swing your pard’ner round and free,
    Let’s do business in my tree!

    Hat Guy:
    Bow to your pard’ner, n’ corner miss,
    I’m a happy client, now gimme a kiss!

  • Jessica

    Squirrel: “YAY! FreshBooks lets your clients pay you online… you just got paid!”

    Cowboy: “Yeehaw! I’m going out and getting a big and juicy, 20 oz T-bone steak with all the fixins!”

  • Jessica

    Thanks to FreshBooks, this cowboy was able to invoice his biggest client ever for his biggest production of cowboy boots. Now stand back, they’re about to do-si-do.

  • Steve

    All it takes is Freshbooks, a dream, and a pair of nuts.

  • Alex Rayes

    Freshbook’s awesomeness makes us want to spin right round, baby, right round like a record baby…”

  • koushan

    If life was like that, you wouldn’t need a visa card