Caption Contest – What is Baby New Year excited about for 2012?

Baby New Year

Baby New Year is here to tell you what’s in store for 2012! Will it be full of exciting rewards or unexpected challenges?  You decide what he’s saying! Give us a caption of this illustration in the comments below by Dec 31st at midnight and win an iTunes giftcard!

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  • bryan

    Continued rise of small business and socialization of customers

  • Corey

    Bonging musical notes gives babies gas.

  • LF Gibson-Aiello

    “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.” – T.S. Eliot “Little Gidding”

  • Crystal Rose

    I ♥ 2012: Technology startups sing and everyone is an entrepreneur.

  • Rarch

    I’ll make more money Baby!

  • M Moody

    I got a job!

  • Roxanne

    He’s excited about being the theme of a caption contest.

  • Melissa

    2012 is a time for ‘FRESH’ new beginnings! Sing, dance & be merry as we ring in the new year in the spirit of entrepreneurialism & efficiency!

  • Steph Loy

    Paper invoicing is old hat. To experience success, lure new business into 2012 with efficient technology usage to meet the challenges ahead.

  • Randal

    Going paperless with Freshbooks saves trees!

  • Chad

    They got my invoice!

  • Jessica

    A new office space!!! More room for jamming, freshiis and success!

  • Philippe Rogiest

    Small companies rule this planet !

  • Bob

    Baby New Year can’t wait to help more folks manage their business with fast and simple invoicing and time tracking services in 2012. He’s playing a song of encouragement and change for entrepreneurs to succeed in the New Year!

  • Khristen Foss

    Baby New Year is excited to be able to grow his business and not be held back creating forms and managing expenses…he uses FreshBooks! Time is on his side this year :)

  • Cheri Godoy

    Baby New Year is excited about all of the possibilites of 2012! The new possibilities brought on by new events and technologies! Not to mention all of the new and exciting people that will come into our lives.

  • Dimple Verma

    “Hi everybody !!
    2012 will be a “e-baby’ year, as we will also be ‘delivered’ electronically !!

  • Shivang

    Baby new year is excited about winning Ms baby competition 2012 and so he is playing flute which he plays when he is happy.

  • Heather

    Baby New Year is ringing in the New Year with the song of prosperity, and the new technology he’s bringing with him!

  • Brian

    “Recession? Hah! Not in 2012, you can bet my diaper on it!”

  • Val Hamann

    Dig & Delve, it’s 20-12!!! Dig deeper and find your true value. True value lays in freshbooks, what an investment in your future. Baby says ‘rock around the clock at midnight – show the world you rock!!!’