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FreshBooks tips & tricks

Invoice like a pro: Advanced tips and tricks for using FreshBooks


As a Support Specialist for FreshBooks over the last five years, I’ve received a lot of calls from customers wondering if there’s more to FreshBooks than what they see. It’s true, FreshBooks likes to keep it simple—with the goal of making running your …

7 ways FreshBooks can help you save time

Time saver_thumb

time_saver Raise your hand if you could use a few extra hours in your day. From dog-walkers to graphic designers, we could all use more time to put the finishing touches on a project, run some personal errands or squeeze in a little …

How FreshBooks can help you get paid faster


Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and you’re following your dreams. You’re your own boss—a freelancer, an entrepreneur. Times were tough at first, but then you got some clients. And you’re working hard to make sure your clients are happy. Things are looking pretty …

Virtual assistant: your secret weapon to scaling your business

Virtual assistant thumbnail

Virtual assistant: your secret weapon to scaling your business After almost five years, I recently reached an exciting, but scary stage in my content production business—the scaling stage. My scaling strategy involves building out a comprehensive marketing education …

How long does it take to get paid?


Distance vs. Time to Pay: This graph shows the mean average time to pay over distance. The blue line is the predicted mean average, and the grey area is the confidence interval for that prediction. Ever wonder how long it takes other small business owners to …

FreshBooks Add-ons: Save more time with Receipt Bank

by John Coates  |  April 25/2012  |  , ,

Receipt Bank If your desk is getting cluttered with stacks of receipts, fear not UK FreshBooks users! Receipt Bank will organise your receipts and import them into your FreshBooks account as expenses, saving you a lot of time. All you need to do is collect all …

Taxes: The IRS introduces the 1099-K (AKA PayPal 1099) from your online payment provider

by John Coates  |  January 9/2012  |  , , ,

If you’re a small business and receive funds via credit cards online, or other online payments from your clients, you can anticipate receiving a 1099-K this coming tax year. The 1099-K is the IRS’ latest tax form for small business, which is provided directly to the IRS from your online payment provider (such …

Australia, Get Paid Faster with eWAY

by Peter La  |  September 13/2011  |  , ,
Australia, Get Paid Faster with eWAY

Great news for FreshBooks customers in Australia! You asked for it, and now FreshBooks lets you collect online payments using eWAY, the leading Australian payment gateway provider. For the first time, Australian users can …

Late payments plague small business…with an asterisk

by John Coates  |  July 20/2011  |  , , ,
Late payments plague small business…with an asterisk

USA TODAY published an interesting article on how small businesses are getting paid slower year over year, entitled “Late payments plague small business.” The article analyzes the results of a recent survey from the National Federation of Independent Business. The study finds that small businesses are: receiving payments an average of …

New: Instant payment notifications for Google Chrome

FreshBooks- outstanding client invoices - Chrome Web Store

It’s always a great feeling when you get paid for the work you love to do. Knowing instantly, even better. If you’re using the web browser Google Chrome, you can now know in milliseconds using the FreshBooks Chrome extension and celebrate with a high five!

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