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9 great ways to find freelance jobs

9 great ways to find freelance jobs featured

9 great ways to find freelance jobs When it comes to freelance job opportunities, there are lots of them to be discovered if you know where—and how—to look. Whether you just want to see what’s out there, make some income …

An introduction to paid search marketing for small businesses

by Kristi Hines  |  September 11/2013  |  ,
Paid Search Marketing for small businesses

If you’re looking to boost your traffic, or you’ve lost your search engine rankings in one of the latest Google algorithm updates, then paid search marketing could be a good option for your business. Even allocating $50 – $100 each month could be a worthwhile …

Is It Time to Hire Your First Employee?

by Guest Author  |  June 25/2013  | 

Are you running a successful business all by yourself?  Then you’ve got your hands full, to say the least. (If we’re being honest, sometimes you’re totally overwhelmed.) And even though you’re working your butt off, you’re still missing a lot of opportunities because …

How-to: Package Your Services Like a Pro


Service providers sometimes find it tough to actually sell their services, especially when it comes to selling them online. The services offered may, in fact, be the best in the industry, or even in high demand, but people just aren’t clicking to buy. Why is …

7 Small Biz Expenses: What to Keep and What to Cut

by Guest Author  |  June 6/2013  | 

For the past few years, companies have been cutting costs aggressively to maintain healthy profits in a slow-moving economy. This is for everyone, from the biggest multinational conglomerate to the small pizza shop on the corner. When money’s tight business owners are smart …

Can your business succeed with a team that works remotely?

by Guest Author  |  May 30/2013  |  ,

Hiring remote workers may seem like the Holy Grail for small business productivity at first glance. Your team can avoid the daily commute to work. You can reduce overhead costs such as office space and equipment. These are some obvious perks of doing business …

Why you should fire yourself from your own business

by Donald Cowper  |  March 22/2013  |  ,
2013-01-28 Fire yourself thumbnail

My latest post “Why you should fire yourself from your own business” is hot off the press on Copyblogger, a leading software and training organization specializing in content marketing, and the home of one of our favorite blogs about …

Penny discontinued: What does it mean for Canadian small business owners?

by Amanda Rappak  |  February 4/2013  |  ,

Ask anyone what a coin means to them and they’ll likely tell you it’s something unique to a country, a symbol of value or even a sign of a little luck. Coinage in Canada has been a hot topic recently in anticipation of

17 Great Websites to Find Freelance Jobs

by Guest Author  |  January 16/2013  |  ,

I’ve been working online for four years now, and I’m still amazed by how many freelancing sites are available. When I first started, I relied on one site for all of my work because I earned enough money to pay the bills. Once I started branching out though, …

5 Ideas For Starting 2013 On The Right Track

by Justine Smith  |  December 20/2012  |  , ,

5 2013 Business Ideas I recently wrote a post for Business News Daily called Shaping Up Your Business for The New Year, which include 5 ideas you can apply in your own business to start 2013 on the right track. If you …


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