Coming Soon: An Easier Way to Accept Credit Cards in FreshBooks

Update on Oct. 1st/2014: FreshBooks has now released its own online payment solution! Read all about it here.

Whether you’re currently chasing clients for checks or already accept online payments for your FreshBooks invoices, there’s a newer, easier way coming soon – and it’s designed and supported by FreshBooks to help you save time and get paid faster.

This new way to get paid online integrates with your FreshBooks account to help keep your accounting records automatically up-to-date and save you from tedious manual data entry. Plus, it’s backed by FreshBooks’ award winning Support team so if you ever have questions about where your money is, you can get an answer right away – huzzah!

*Update – we’ve seen several commenters wanting more info. You can check out this FAQ post for more*

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  • Marty Bhatia

    Is this service a merchant service provided by Freshbooks? And if so, do I have to change merchant services? I currently use as my payment gateway and another service through my bank for merchant services.

    I’m curious as to what the major difference is. Also, does it allow for partial payments? Because that is what I’ve been dreaming about with Freshbooks.



  • Guest

    This doesn’t provide any information about the new service. Does it cost anything? How does it work?

  • Anne Victory

    I’m curious as to what the fee schedule will be.

  • Evolve Green

    no info?

  • Cforge

    Yes there is no info here. It says it will be easier and less manual but customers that pay via PayPal from the invoice link works fine as it is so unless its less expensive than I can’t see a need.

  • DMS Inc / ARCLite Studio

    I agree. This notice is a stub, lacks sufficient enough information to be useful. It also means that in spite of my curiosity about “early access” I’m unwilling to do so since i don’t know what it does to my accounts or ability to process payments via credit card.

    • Faraz

      Hey there,

      Faraz from FreshBooks here – appreciate the feedback (and duly noted). It’s still early days, but you can find some more information here if you’re interested:

      If there’s something more specific you’re looking for, feel free to give us a ring (1.866.303.6061) or reply back right here on the blog and we’ll try to help.

  • Matt

    I don’t see how this is different from Stripe? Stripe works just fine now.

    • Erick

      Exactly my thought. Stripe is cheaper for Amex and Discover, too. And it took us about 10 minutes to get setup with Stripe and integrate it with Freshbooks. I also don’t understand why this is “beta” with limited access since this functionality is already built into Freshbooks and it works perfectly. Seems like this is about making some extra cash off the transactions and this whole beta thing is a way to generate “buzz” and get more people to signup. Not something I would expect from FreshBooks. It’s a little disappointing actually.

      • Faraz

        Hey Matt, Erick – thanks for the feedback (and sorry to disappoint – that certainly wasn’t the intention). In terms of how this is different…although the functionality of accepting credit card payments exists today through other payment gateways (and always will), this one is tightly integrated with FreshBooks. Just a few examples:

        1) Fees related to payments being processed will be automatically imported into your account as expenses, so you save time and your accounting records are automatically up-to-date
        2) You’ll get a view right on your account dashboard of pending payments, and when you can expect to see money in your bank account
        3) It is entirely supported by FreshBooks – so if you ever run into a problem with a payment, have a question about where your money is, or anything else – we can help right away.

        But, of course – we’re sure FreshBooks users have their own ideas on how they want things to work, so if there’s other things that matter to you and others, we’d love to hear it via the WuFoo form.

        Any other feedback, I’d love to hear it :=).

        • Erick

          All of the functionality you describe here could have been integrated with probably all the payment processors you support since they all offer an API. It’s unfortunate you decided to pick just one provider to partner with instead of making these features available to everyone. I suspect the new investors want more streams of income which is concerning if this is a sign of things to come.

  • Joel Farris

    We’re hoping for something fee-free, like Square Cash. If it’s not a better value, we’re not all that interested.

    • Faraz

      Thanks for the feedback Joel, I’ll pass it on to your product teams.

    • Mathew Smith

      I agree with Joel – if you’re going to do this you’ve got to do it better and for cheaper.. because the current stripe setup works, why would I change it?

      It all feels sort of rushed and not well thought out.

      • Tom Stieber

        Yup, agreed. The rates have to be better than third parties or we have no incentive to use it.

  • Joel Farris

    “It’ 2.9% + $0.30 on VISA and MasterCard transactions, and 3.5% + $0.30 on American Express transactions”

  • Untapped Business

    Will it be possible to schedule recurring monthly credit card payments?

    • Faraz

      Hey there – still early days, but if that’s something that you’d like to see once it’s live, be sure to fill out the WuFoo form here:

      I’ll also forward this feedback on to Product teams either way :=). Thanks for the comment.

  • Brian Shea

    A tip FOR Freshbooks: Your blog is to give information. And in this case, you already have all the info available in the FAQ. So, uh, why isn’t there a link to the FAQ directly in the blog post?

    Instead, you want “Sign Up Here”, yet no one has any idea of what we are signing up for. Call to Action link turns into Call to Failure.

    In addition to adding the link for the FAQ in the comments below, here’s an idea… put it IN the original blog post. That way, you don’t have to keep answering comments about “What the hell are you talking about”.

    • Faraz

      Hey Brian,

      Faraz from FreshBooks here. Just updated the blog post with a link to the FAQ. Appreciate the feedback.

    • Al

      Hey, click here to sign up! (With no information about the actual service and fees?) What are kidding me Freshbooks team? Payment systems are the least impressive part about your service thus far! I’m so close to dropping you!

      • Faraz

        Hey Al – first and foremost, my apologies. The intention was certainly not to disappoint you nor anyone else. By “Signing up”, nothing will actually be enabled automatically – in fact, the link simply takes you to a form which allows users to have a chance at early access only if they’re interested in this type of service. Would be happy to help answer any other questions – you can comment right here on the blog or contact me directly (

  • William Goddard

    did I miss the part about how much this will cost me per transaction? our invoices are large and do not want to give 2-4 % of my money to anyone…

    • Faraz

      Hey William – glad you’ve found something that works for you, and appreciate the comment – will serve a good feedback to help product teams. Will forward it on to them for review :=).

  • Tim Grayson

    I was hoping to learn how the service works, percentages, etc. This page basically says nothing…

    • Faraz

      Hey Tim – blog post is now updated with a link to the FAQ. Sorry about that – if you need any other info, be sure to drop us a line.

  • Tron

    Is it PCI level 1 compliant?

    • Faraz

      Yep, business owners who use this will be PCI compliant.

  • Guest

    Sign up now? Way too little detail, even for a teaser.

    • Faraz

      Hey there – blog post is now updated with a link to the FAQ. If you need any more info, we’re here to help. Either reply right here on the blog or drop our support teams a line (1.866.303.6061 or

  • Phil

    Ok, you could have just said that you are integrating with WePay. The big question for me will be, are you getting rid of PayPal integration? All of my clients use B2B PayPal transfers and if they have to switch, I suppose, I’ll be moving my account off of Freshbooks.

    • Faraz

      Hey Phil. Nope – not getting rid of any of PayPal by any stretch. Existing payment gateways will still work as they do today.

      • Erjon

        Glad to know that you’re not removing PayPal (got me scared for a second), because that’s working just fine for us. I just don’t see a benefit for our firm to change payment processing to WePay, the rates are identical and all of our clients are familiar and have built a trust with PayPal. I felt that this blog post was very misleading, the screenshot and the FAQ page didn’t mention anything that the paypal option will still remain (you might want to add that).

        • Faraz

          Added to the FAQs! :)

  • ryandoom

    Freshbooks – you should update this page to have some actual information on it. Right now people ARE accepting credit cards. This explains nothing about how it’s better or even different for that matter. After following the links you provided below it seems that it’s still more expensive than Stripe, which you currently offer. So you have really announced nothing new and exciting. Except now you can serve as the gateway and make money of the transactions. Which I’m fine with, but sell it as using YOU versus a 3rd party or something. I’d get working on the above text pronto, the trolls are pouring in!

  • Guest

    So I followed the link provided by Faraz. It’s not a Freshbooks in
    house thing. It’s a third party called WePay. Same pricing as Stripe —
    .30 + 2.9%. I hope the other payment methods don’t suffer as a result of this partnership.

    • Timothy Poplaski

      3.5% for Amex. More expensive than Stripe. I wonder if they take longer to pay too? Stripe has the money in my checking account in 2 business days.

  • Timothy Poplaski

    As of 2013 it’s legal to offer clients a menu of payments and charge a SURCHARGE based on the one chosen.

    If Freshbooks offered ACH at $.50 or less, flat rate Debit card at $.50 or less, along with Credit card at 3% or less, all without a monthly Gateway cost AND allowed me to add surcharges for Credit card use, I’d switch to them.

    Heck, if Freshbooks just allowed me to adjust fees automatically based on the choice between PayPal Business Payments (flat $.50 ACH) and Stripe (2.75%) I’d take that as a major step in the right direction.

    I tried to contact Freshbooks about it in the past and was told it wasn’t legal, which is incorrect (see link above). It’s enough of a pain point / time waster having to ask the client to decide payment preferences before the invoice is sent that if I ever find a billing system that offers it, I’ll likely leave Freshbooks for it. Why not address that before someone else does?

    Meanwhile looking at the Payments by Freshbooks link… why would anyone bother with it when it’s more expensive than PayPal and Stripe? Especially for Amex, which is the preferred credit card for many businesses. How does it benefit us to use it? It mostly just looks like Freshbooks makes some referral fees by rebranding WePay?

  • CanukGuy

    Another missing link:

    If you are in Canada (just like Freshbooks) you don’t need to look for more info. You are not eligible.

  • Brian Shea

    Thank you for updating the post to include the FAQ link.
    I think, with the excitement of this addition, the blog post (and even the FAQ) was not fully thought out.

    I have done this more times that I wish to say, and I find I have to spend more time clarifying my original post that it would to write it properly in the first place.

    As others have pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between using Stripe or WePay. Perhaps the one difference is that accounts were already setup for us at WePay? At least, that’s what I seem to get out of the FAQ. With accounts pre-created, it only takes a reset of a password, and the addition of banking info to get started.

    So, yes, if that’s the case, it is easier to setup, and that’s great for those that have trouble even setting up PayPal. (yes, some people cannot do what others think is simple). Address that in the post, and the FAQ. How & Why it might be better for certain people to use WePay(Freshbooks) for payments instead of PayPal/Stripe/AuthorizeNet.

    Direct the message to those that have not already setup a way to accept credit cards. And explain to those already accepting cards on why they might want to take a look, or that they can ignore if they are already happy with their current setup.

    Hopefully, this new, easier setup will get more people on board with online payments.

    • Faraz

      Thank you Brian – feedback is appreciated. There are several differences worth mentioning right here – for instance, some of the painful tasks that people do manually – or simply forget about – will now be automated. One example of this is that payment processing fees will be automatically inputted & tracked in your account as expenses, which means more complete accounting records and time saved. Another example – right on your account dashboard, you’ll be able to see pending payments and when you can expect to see money arriving in your bank account. And of course – the entire thing is 100% supported by FreshBooks, so you only have to call one company to get answers.

      With all of that being said, it’s still early days. So if there’s a certain way anyone here would like to see this work with FreshBooks, we’re certainly open to hearing about it:

  • Mike

    Would prefer you work on integrating PayPal Bill Me Later option into Freshbooks. That’s a way to increase sales without costing us money up front.

    • Faraz

      Hey Mike – thanks for the feedback. I’ll forward it on to product teams.

      • Mike

        Thanks. Would be a huge benefit to all your customers. It’s something that I know I would really like to see. I am an existing customer and would find that to be a whole new solution opening up to us where we can have someone else finance the purchase for our customers and we have no risk and don’t have to be the bank.

  • Amy

    I already have 2 existing gateways integrated in my account. How would this affect those? Also, if a customer wants to pay online, how does your system determine which gateway will be used?

    • Faraz

      Hey Amy – it will not affect your existing gateways whatsoever and this also isn’t a service you have to use or that will be automatically enabled.

      When you’re creating an invoice, you can select which gateway will be enabled on that invoice, and that’s the one that will be used for your clients. Let me know if you have any other questions/comments :).

  • Peggy Champlin

    Here’s a question I saw neither asked nor answered. How many days does it take for a payment to land in my bank account with your new payment system?

    • Faraz

      Hi Peggy – you can choose between “Next Day”, “Next Week” and “Next Month” deposits. Bear in mind that if you choose “Next Day”, it will take between 2 and 5 business days from time of payment to money actually reaching your bank account (it varies because bank transfer times may be different from one bank to another).

      • Peggy Champlin

        So then this isn’t really any different than using Paypal. The Visa/Mastercard rates are identical to what Paypal charges me and my biggest sticking point with Paypal, which is the time to get the funds transferred to my bank, is basically the same as well. Worse even, since if I need to, I can access the Paypal funds immediately with my Paypal debit Mastercard.

        I’ll keep it in mind, but don’t currently see any benefit in using this new system over Paypal.

  • Mark

    wow what a tough crowd

  • John G

    I have a feature request. Since this is aiming to be an integrated payment solution for Freshbooks, can Freshbooks make it so the CC fee is transferred to the client. Sometimes, we have large invoices and don’t want them to be paid via credit card because we lose so much money from the fee. However, if this charge can easily and cleanly be transferred to the client ( maybe after they accept the terms for paying with credit? ), then Freshbooks is providing me value with their in-house solution.

    • Faraz

      Hi John – hear you on this request. Listening carefully to the comments provided here, and will forward off to product teams for consideration. Thank you for the feedback.

    • Tim

      I agree with you, John, but I believe this goes against all CC Terms of Service. They consider this price discrimination and feel they’ll loose business compared to cash or check. It’s a shame.

  • Jim Restucci

    Faraz, thanks for the information, I agree the sentiments here that this really isn’t much of a change to Stripe. One of the reasons we went with Stripe was it supported automatic payment. Until you have that capability with WePay we will need to stay put given our current business model of prepay for service.

    • Faraz

      Thanks for the comment, Jim. If your current solution is working for you, then we’re happy you’re happy :). Appreciate the feedback and will be sure to forward on to product teams.

  • Leslye PJ

    How long does it take to transfer to your bank account? Thanks.

    • Faraz

      Hey there – if you choose the option of “Next Day” deposits, it will take anywhere between 2 and 5 business days from time of payment to money actually arriving in your bank account (it varies because bank transfer times may be different from one bank to another). Any other Qs, we’re here to help :=).

      • Anne

        What I don’t understand is….why would I choose to get my money “next week” or “next month” when I could choose “next day?” Could you explain what advantage there would be in delaying the transfer to my bank account?

  • alflores

    Will this allow for deposit payments? We have been asking for this function for years. I think more time should be spent on providing features people actually want. Time wasted on WePay integration when everyone wants an easier way to accept deposit payments.

    • Faraz

      Hey there – hear you loud and clear. Product teams are tuned in and listening, so we greatly appreciate the feedback.

  • Anne

    I’ve thought of a possible advantage to this new WePay system. When my clients try to pay with their credit/debit card through PayPal, they often get confused because the PayPal screen gives two options in large print: “Log into your PayPal account” and “Create a new PayPal account.” In tiny print at the bottom, a link says “Skip this and just use a credit card” – and a lot of folks don’t notice it. Then they call me and say “I want to use my card, but it says I have to sign up for PayPal.”

    If WePay makes it easier for clients to just click “Pay Invoice” and enter their card number, that will be a huge help. But if it becomes a sales pitch for WePay, and my clients are misled into thinking they need a WePay account to use their card – then it’s just as bad as PayPal.

    • Faraz

      Hi Anne – happy to report that your clients will simply have to click “Pay Invoice”, then plug in their information. In fact, the entire client-side experience has been designed by FreshBooks so that things are as consistent and easy as possible. If you’re interested, you can get a small taste of what your client will see when they try to pay your invoice – it’s the first screenshot under the “Why Should I Accept Credit Cards Online as Payment for my Invoices” section here:

      Any other Qs, happy to help :=).

      • Anne

        That screen looks great and foolproof! Thanks for clarifying.

  • Carl Parker

    Will this integrate with Auto-Bills? Or just from client to invoice payments?

  • JadeCactus

    Looks like WePay charges the same as PayPal (although I am paying less, since I am in the next earning bracket, so only pay 1.9%). I’ve been with PayPal for over 10 years. This is more expensive for me, so not sure I want to give my clients a choice of how to pay, when I’d rather they use PayPal since it’s cheaper… Unless it would work with Auto-billing as Carl asked? That would be worth it.

    • Carl Parker

      Jade it doesn’t. I tried myself since Freshbooks has decided to stop responding to everyone on this article. You still need to maintain an alternative processing method for auto-bill.

      • Faraz

        @JadeCactus, @Carl – my apologies for the delay! We’ve heard from a few customers now that auto-bills is an important piece of the puzzle, so it’s certainly under consideration for when we’re ready for prime time. Note that it’s (relatively) early days, so this feedback is much appreciated.

        P.S – Sorry again for the delay. Aside from the blog, feel free to also reach me via directly via email ( with any questions. Here to help.

        • Carl Parker

          Completely understand… Appreciate the feedback. Mainly, I just look at it as, what is truly being offered for something that most already have. Now if its a complete replacement and/or added benefit, I would definitely be on board much further.

          • Faraz

            Hear you for sure, Carl. Some of the benefits (…at least as it stands today) include a deep-level integration with your account and being able to contact FreshBooks support teams to solve/answer all kinds of payment-related issues/questions. With that being said, we’re certainly listening to your feedback and working everyday to improve things – so thanks again for the comment, it’s greatly appreciated.

          • JadeCactus

            Thanks Carl and Faraz for responding.

            I honestly can’t remember ever needing to contact anyone about a payment issue, so far I haven’t had any issues to speak of. The only problems I’ve had in the past are with on-going monthly maintenance bills where I keep a scheduled date for security updates and website maintenance, and there’s one client that suddenly decides to skip that invoice for a while. That is where auto-billing is so very important. If I could set that up, then I wouldn’t have any problems (unless something very unusual were to come up.) And being that the fees are higher for WePay, I would only use WePay for maintenance clients – everyone else would probably use PayPal (those fees really add up over a year :)

          • Faraz

            @jadecactus:disqus: Thanks for the additional insight – product teams are listening :). Greatly appreciate the feedback once again.

  • Carl Parker

    So here is my thoughts… Rates match PayPal unless you’re in the higher tier and get a discounted rate through PayPal. So I can understand convenience to a point. But, with current setup the Auto-Bill is not functional with this WePay; therefore, I have to keep my PayPal Pro account and use something else that PayPal could have already done for me? So what is the true point then of this option when PayPal has the name recognition and trust by so many? If it has incentives to switch, I can understand; but, at this point it doesn’t.

  • Bradley

    Thanks for the update and for patiently answering questions.

    Are partial payments in the works?

    • Faraz

      Hi Bradley, no problem at all :-). In terms of partial payments, not currently available right now. Hear you loud and clear on this – at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will indeed share this with product teams.

  • Joe

    This is a total scam. I never signed up for this and now a client made a payment and somehow selected to use Freshbooks. I already have a credit card system, so I dont need another, NOW I must sign up with We Pay in order to receive the money my client paid. This is absolutely horrid business practice. I am so upset.

    • Faraz

      Faraz from FreshBooks here, Joe. I sincerely apologize for this. Sounds like something’s gone wonky (it shouldn’t be on by default). Can you give us a ring (1-866-303-6061)? We can dig into your account a bit deeper and see what happened + help fix this / make things right again. Sorry again for the hassle!