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Close the deal between FreshBooks and Salesforce

by Peter La | July 20/2010 | add-ons, api, integrations, salesforce, salesforce-com

View invoice details in Salesforce

When it comes to your business, nothing is more important than taking care of your clients. Using a CRM tool like Salesforce helps you stay organized, and keep your clients happy. But what do you do once the sale is closed? Somewhere along the way, you’re going to need to get paid for whatever products or services you provide, and that’s where FreshBooks comes into the picture.

Connect your CRM and billing system together Through the magic of the FreshBooks API, great services like Salesforce are able to connect directly to FreshBooks to make things faster, and easier for your business. The DataSynch for Salesforce and FreshBooks helps connect your CRM and Billing systems.

Create invoices automatically After closing a deal, your sales agents will mark opportunities as ‘closed-won’ in Salesforce. Running the DataSynch will take care of the rest, automatically creating an invoice in FreshBooks which is ready to be sent out.

**Create Freshbooks invoices through the DataSynch**

Stay updated after the sale The synch keeps you updated on what’s going on by providing details on the status of invoices within Salesforce. Get a glimpse of your clients invoicing history while on a call, or check to see which invoices are awaiting payment and require a follow-up, without leaving Salesforce.

From a trusted developer of Salesforce solutions The DataSynch is from Pervasive Software, a publicly listed company and expert in Salesforce solutions. It’s available now in The AppExchange.

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