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Customer Portrait: the Indie wedding DJ is making beautiful music and a fantastic career

by Ramin Shokrizadeh | April 23/2012 | customer-portrait, dj, freshbooks, indie-weddings, toronto


Ever wonder how other FreshBooks customers run a business and do what they love? Customer portraits connect you with your fellow FreshBooks peers to share guidance and inspiration.

Something that keeps coming up during our customer visits is that we’re meeting folks who have turned something they loved doing into a career. From running an amazing food truck to being a corporate comedian, our users have a talent for finding their market and making something difficult turn into genuine opportunity.

Justin, aka the Indie Wedding DJ, has done just this with his love of music. This Toronto-based DJ realized that not everybody wants to dance to the Black Eyed Peas during their wedding. Justin graduated with an engineering degree but later realized that he would prefer playing great music that would get people to at least nod their heads.

Justin started playing for his friends’ weddings, as they wanted to have music that most wedding DJs would not play. He liked bands and songs that can be considered “indie” so he decided to play what he enjoys listening to and that is how he got his name!

His first paid gig was from a posting on Kijiji and he’s now playing around 35-40 weddings a year (that is nearly a wedding every weekend!). Now that he is getting more opportunities to play music for people, being the Indie Wedding DJ has become his full time job.

We asked Justin about a lesson he learned early on and he mentioned that you should always value your services at the price you think it is worth because you could potentially be making more money. Another discovery was that when you find your niche, you find a community. Justin discovered there is a small but active group of wedding DJs that he can rely on to share notes and ideas, which makes charting unknown waters far easier.

If you are planning a wedding soon and want the DJ to play classic LCD Soundsystem tracks, Justin is your guy.

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