Why you should fire yourself from your own business

My latest post “Why you should fire yourself from your own business” is hot off the press on Copyblogger, a leading software and training organization specializing in content marketing, and the home of one of our favorite blogs about how to market a small business.

Here’s a little peek:

What would you do if you discovered that the secret to your success lay in firing yourself? Would you do it? That’s the question Alex, a freelance copywriter, would one day find himself facing.

Flying solo

Alex started his freelance copywriting business three years ago, after the local newspaper he worked for as a staff writer shut down. From the get-go he scrambled to pick up writing jobs, tapping his network, searching freelance websites and sending query after query. Opportunities soon began to open up and he took every single one of them. He wrote magazine pieces, blog posts, ad copy, web content, press releases, menus, brochures, instruction manuals. You name it, he was writing it. And his clients were of all types and sizes. Little start-ups, a big bank, neighborhood shops, a medical clinic, a solar power plant on the other side of the world.

Falling out of love

With his take-any-client-with-a-pulse approach he managed to keep the work flowing for the next three years. In fact, many times it flowed too heavily and he would log long hours, day in and day out. The concept of a weekend soon became a distant memory. He eventually got worn out and fell out of love with writing…

Swing on over to Copyblogger to discover the drastic measure Alex takes to rekindle his love of writing.

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Donald Cowper is a Small Business Writer at FreshBooks. He’s a successful entrepreneur, an experienced coach and the coauthor of two bestselling business books—Mega-Selling and The 8 Best Practices of High-Performing Salespeople.
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  • alana

    As always can’t wait to read the rest of a Cowper story!

  • http://twitter.com/richp_ Rich Peterson

    It’s a great time when you have the freedom and amount of work to be able to fire yourself and start helping others earn money in your field. I fired myself in January and haven’t looked back (well, technically, I do look back and don’t miss trying to maintain a 40-50 hour week without going into working nights and weekends…)

    • Donald_FreshBooks

      Hi Rich, thanks for sharing the success you’ve had with firing yourself. Very inspiring.

      And glad you’ve got your evenings and weekends back :)