17 Great Websites to Find Freelance Jobs

I’ve been working online for four years now, and I’m still amazed by how many freelancing sites are available. When I first started, I relied on one site for all of my work because I earned enough money to pay the bills. Once I started branching out though, I was able to get significantly higher paying jobs, many of which required less time than what I was already spending on work, which was a huge win.

I can’t say I’ve used every freelancing job site on the planet, but I’ve certainly weaved my way through the major ones. Some of them did wonders for my savings account, and others made me think about getting a day job – yes, they were that bad. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of the good guys so you know where to turn without the headache – I hope. Here are the best places online to find work as a freelancer.


1 – oDesk

oDesk will forever be my favorite freelancing site because this is the one I first started getting work from. It has jobs for beginners to professionals, with clients and employees from all around the world. You’ll see plenty of low-budget jobs on here, but you can also find great clients who are willing to pay well.

Fun fact: I’m the pale girl with her hand on her chin on the home page – bottom row. Hollywood here I come!

How it works: Simply sign up for an account on the site, and you can browse through thousands of job postings. Search by category based on your skills, and fill out applications for anything you like. If you get interviewed or hired, you can track your hours or project status on oDesk and then get paid directly through the site.


  • Fill out your entire profile, with samples and references. Clients may contact you about jobs, so you need to make your profile as enticing as possible.
  • Take multiple tests. You will have to take the oDesk Readiness Test before you can apply for jobs, but then you should take others related to your skills. This shows clients what you can really do.
  • Link a withdrawal option to your account. This takes a long time to set up, so you should get it going while you work on your first project.
  • Include a cover letter for every job you apply to, just as if you were applying to a 9-to-5 gig.


  • Request upfront payment. Without any experience or feedback on the site, no one is going to trust you to just give you their money.
  • Get discouraged if you don’t get a job right away. You may have to take something cheaper than expected to gain experience and feedback.
  • Forget to leave feedback after a project is complete. When you leave yours, your client’s will show up on your profile.
  • Be afraid to apply for something different. Some of the best jobs I’ve ever gotten were for topics I had to learn more about.

Final takeaway: oDesk is a great site to start off with, and it still provides steady income for the pros. I’ve stuck with it for four years for a reason. It works.


2 – Elance

I used Elance when I first started freelancing, but I stopped because I liked oDesk better. Nevertheless, this is a great alternative, with a huge assortment of job postings for all sorts of freelancers. If you find that oDesk doesn’t tickle your fancy, definitely give this site a try.

How it works: Sign up for an account and complete your profile. When you have the basics in place, you can browse through jobs and bid how much money you could realistically do the project for. If you beat the other applicants, either in skills or in pricing, the client will choose to work with you. Payment and project completion are all done through Elance.


  • Look at the average proposal bid, located above the applicant list on each job. This will help you gauge what you might want to bid.
  • Complete your profile entirely. The more people can see about your work, the more likely they are to hire you.
  • Communicate with your clients. You’ll see your messages on your homepage, so this should be easy to keep track of.
  • Set up your payment account. Whether it’s PayPal, a bank, or something else, you’ll have to wait a few days to use it.


  • Get intimidated by the average bids. If they seem low, you still might get the job because of your experience.
  • Take on more than you can handle. Clients need to know they can trust you with deadlines, and one piece of feedback could be all she wrote for you.
  • Forget to withdraw your money. It takes several days to process, so when it comes through, withdraw it.

Final takeaway: Even though I prefer oDesk over Elance, there are plenty of freelancers that think the opposite. It’s worth giving it a shot.


3 – Craigslist

Wait, what? I thought Craigslist was only for buying and trading random stuff in the neighborhood…?

Believe it or not, Craigslist is actually a fantastic source for freelancing jobs. I have found five of my top ten highest paying clients through Craigslist. That’s because I’ve developed a system, which I’ll explain below.

How it works: You can either choose the city you live in from the list, or you can select one of the major cities in your country. I use the U.S. cities list that pops up on the right hand side once you actually go into a city’s page. Check both the “jobs” section and “gigs” section for the city and see if anything fits your skills. Freelance writers look in writing – developers look in web / info design…etc. Read the posts and follow the instructions for applying. If there are none, send an email with a cover letter and resume to the address next to “Reply to this post” at the top. If you hear back, you can proceed like you would a regular job interview.


  • Look in as many cities as possible. I check all of the U.S., Europe, and Canada when I apply for jobs.
  • Read each post carefully. Some give you words to put in your email to make sure you read the whole thing.
  • Include links or attachments with your work so employers can see what you can do.


  • Fall victim to a scam. Craigslist offers tips to avoid this matter here.
  • Go back too far in the postings. I usually limit my searches to the past week, and then I move on to another city.
  • Sort by telecommute. Even though this would be logical to do for freelance work, many clients don’t click that option for their posts. You may miss out if you limit your search this way.

Final takeaway: Craigslist isn’t the obvious choice for freelancing jobs, but it can lead you to some extraordinary opportunities online. Best part of all – you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

Other sites to check out

Need more than 3 options to land your next freelance gig? Listed below are 14 more freelancing sites & job boards.



Designers and Programmers:

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About the author: Heaven Stubblefield is a wife, writer, and self-proclaimed know-it-all who makes a living working online. She started her writing career in an attempt to make a little money in college, but she found the lifestyle too tempting to get rid of. You can see her on oDesk and countless other places on the internet.

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  • Andy

    Very Nice article and I really enjoy being a freelance programmer. I do all my work over the internet. I use freelancing platforms like 99hours.com/ they have a great escrow payment system and bidding system that is reliable and safe. I must admit, when I first started, it was a little tough, but with sheer determination I’m now an independent programmer and web designer.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#justine Justine Smith

    @Andy, that’s awesome Andy, and thanks for adding another great website to the list!

  • http://yaelwrites.com Yael Grauer

    I like some of these, but was a bit disappointed to see Demand Studios on the list since they are notorious for paying ridiculously low wages. Content mills might be okay for brand new writers or people who are desperate, but not for professional writers.

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#justine Justine Smith

    @Yael, thanks for your comment. I completely understand your concern with Demand Studios, and I considered this before publishing the post from our guest writer. However, I think that similar to an intern, many new writers or those new to working on the Internet are happy to take any writing job at first – regardless of pay – to build their resume and increase their experience.

    • website development company

      odesk is best for me and got lots of jobs on this platform.

    • Franzl

      Another freelancer Platform is app-lancer, looks like a solid nice Site. Maybe it will help some of us freelancers to find more projects.

      • Moses


  • http://freelancewritingjobs.ca Angela West

    Hi Heaven:

    Thanks for the shout-out for Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs. We try to find quality gigs for Canadian freelance writers each weekday. I’ve used Odesk and Elance when I was starting out to build my portfolio, but find that I don’t need them anymore now that I’ve built up a quality portfolio of work.

  • http://jackidilleycoaching.com Jacki Dilley

    Thanks for an interesting and very useful article. I just joined oDesk this afternoon and am happy to hear about your good experience with them.

    I’m brand new to professional writing. When I’m ready to put up a freelance writing website, is it considered good practice to link from there to work I do via oDesk?

    • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#justinesmith Justine Smith

      Hey Jacki,

      Linking to your oDesk profile from your website is completely up to you. The downside is they will then be on another site, and could go start looking on other provider’s profiles and not contact you for work. Also, if your website visitor has never heard of oDesk or doesn’t want to create a profile, then that may be a barrier for them to work with you. I’d suggest having snippets of your oDesk profile on your website (i.e great feedback you’ve received, examples of work assignments completed). You can easily implement a checkout so people can buy your services straight from your website, or have them contact you for a custom quote.

      • www.kushitworld.com

        yes justin, i am appreciate with your article and agreed with wordings.

  • Ben

    Heaven Stubblefield has really written a nice article about the current growing freelancing sites. I already have accounts on oDesk, elance, guru.

    I also took the suggestion from Andy’s comment and made an account on 99hours. I have not won any job till now on 99hours but I hope to get something soon.

    Thanks for this nice article again.

  • http://www.freelancermap.com Doreen

    Thanks for this overview – I think you found all well established freelance job sources. Anyway I would like to add a new freelancing website that was launched some months ago. freelancermap is an international IT-project board where freelancers and outsourcing providers can register for free and apply without limitation. No commission fees!

  • Monika

    Great article. I started experimenting a year ago with the oDesk-Elance-Freelancer triangle. In my experience it is the easiest to start picking up projects on Elance, with the best ratio of clients vs. wannabies.

    Look for posts which don’t look too good to be true. You need clients who are able/willing to pay for work. To defend your self esteem crumbling away set your search criteria to exclude farmers with extreme low rates 😉

    I know only about hourlies (being a Virtual Assistant): best to negotiate the amount of expected hours and not the fees: started with 3-5 hrs/week projects. Now still with the first few clients, 5-30 hrs/week each. My mantra was “don’t do cheapo, you are a pro”

  • www.Bleacherviews.om

    Nice post. Just a few additions based on my experience though.With Odesk, do not expect much. You might even be scammed by some principals and believe me there are plenty of them in Odesk especially for fixed price contracts. About Craiglist, the site also has a lot of scammers. You cannot be too careful with Craiglist. Also, the rates right now are too low and discouraging. If you have better things to do offline, it is best stay away from freelancing because the competition is terrible.

    One advice for freelancers especially writers, learn how to trace the principals who scammed you. It can be done by searching for your articles in the internet if you’re a writer and then go after the principal. I did it with a so-called internet marketing expert who made me write his articles but did not pay a single cent. He was forced to take down the article and lost his credibility in the site that he was posting as a guest.

    Thanks for this post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tejas.nikumbh.79 Tejas Nikumbh

    You should definitely try hollywood 😉

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      Ha, I know my reply here is super late, but thank you 😛

  • ronyjon

    odesk fake site

  • http://twitter.com/laurenhhunter Lauren H. Hunter

    Great article with so much good advice. Thanks for scouting out these jobs sites and sharing your experience and wisdom with us!

  • debra

    Fantastic article. Thanks.

  • Jacob Long

    Have I wasted my time trying to get going with Yahoo! Contributors? I’ve gotten about $4/article on a few upfront things, even though it seems their editors are a bit inconsistent (a news article about a new research study was rejected because they “don’t accept personal narratives”). I’m a total beginner, though I’m pretty sure I’ll do very good work if given the chance.

    • New Yorker Here

      I don’t like Yahoo either, to get something publish is a pain in the ass. They tend to desire specific articles, usually something that is bland and useless. If you attempt to write about an opposing view in politics, religion, government, employment etc compare to the standard media they reject your story immediately.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roshanamallawaarachchi Roshànà Mallawaarachchi

    Remplo provides you an affordable source of experienced remote employees.

  • Usman Shahzada

    I have used odesk, peopleperhour, elance, vworker & freelancer. My favourite site is odesk and i have been using it now for long and have 120 plus jobs by now

  • patrick

    great post and very helpful, I am just launching Virtual PA company and find O-Desk the best so far.

    • http://www.facebook.com/isobel.humphreys Isobel Anne Humphreys

      agree I much prefer it to elance

  • http://tripleclicks.rebelpreneur.com/ Ashwin Satyanarayana

    @Heaven — I am not sure how you find Odesk to work for you. For one, it’s so hard to find projects that are worth your time as clients are looking for monkeys while paying peanuts. Elance does work for me [ and I see that you aren’t a big fan :) ]

    • sukhvir

      Please guide how to go for Elance. I have account but thats not paying me as I am not able to bid after some bids

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      When I started working on oDesk years ago, things were different. There weren’t all these jobs that said “I need 10 PERFECT articles with FLAWLESS grammar in the next hour, and I’m willing to pay $1 to get them done!” The site seems to have gone to crap over the years, probably because of its increased popularity. I rarely use it now, and if I do, it is because someone has reached out to me on there. I have found a couple pretty good oDesk jobs in the past year or so, but I only got them because I had killer feedback and proof that I knew my stuff (which I do…lol). If Elance has in fact become superior, it wouldn’t surprise me.

      • http://tripleclicks.rebelpreneur.com/ Ashwin Satyanarayana

        @heavenstubblefield:disqus You are right in your observations. As of now, Odesk really has jobs that are way below the minimum rate even for developing countries (I am an Indian and I can vouch for that).

        Even the demand for great content has been steadily increasing thanks to every animal-named Google update ( Hummingbird being the recent one), many clients still seem to be looking to buy the world for $1.

        Elance and Guru seem to be marginally better, of course. While all of these job boards are still at the bottom end of the pyramid, it works to get a continuous flow of work.

        • Roland CLEMENCEAU

          Hopefully some days a few international laws will be drafted and passed that will engage oDesk’s leaders responsability towards allowing such economical slavery schemes to happen. Of course the concept of minimum wages differs from one corner of the world to another, it does, but there has to be some limits or some framework to act from. Shameless, disgraceful employers abound from everywhere it seems, and oDesk provides them with just the honeypot they came for…

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            I was going to keep quiet about this, but I just don’t think I can. You talk about oDesk workers as if they are being forced on the computer against their will. They don’t *have* to work online, especially if it is not providing them with proper job security. They also don’t *have* to settle for low paying jobs. I certainly don’t. If a person chooses to work for pennies an hour, that is his choice. Maybe that is more than what he would make working 9-5 somewhere else. oDesk can’t be held responsible for that, just like Craigslist can’t be responsible if someone pays $200 for an item worth $20 that he saw on a classified ad. Is it fair? No. But it’s far from “economical slavery.”

          • Roland CLEMENCEAU

            Well then, you should have kept quiet about this because if in theory you might be right, in practice it’s a total different story, even if i admit a very small minority seem to do not too bad. In reality, things just don’t happen the way you describe them. Your arguments are insulting to anyone who has no choice but to keep taking low paying jobs while desperately looking for something better. Let me do a bit of history here. Once, when rentacoder(now vworker) was starting, the bids were public, and the result was people got very low in the way they behaved, say like proposing 5$ for a project that was worth 500…so rentacoder decided after a month and a half to make bids private so contractors could not see what others bid anymore. What i am getting at here, is that, people don’t actually dream/choose to work for low paying assholes, they’re just brainwashed into believing they’ll make it this way, that the competition is stiff but they’ll manage somehow, to some level and at some point. It’s called mental masochism, and oDesk like many others are just exploiting that. Of course people are free of their choices, and can’t decide to land better gigs, but sometimes the wallet says otherwise. Being a starting freelancer can be extremely hard, regardless of your level of expertise in what you provide, it’s up to the reader to decide how much of what i am saying is right, and as for me i’m glad i know what it’s all about and can put it behind. Let new starting freelancer find out at their own expense…

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            There is no reason for you to get so worked up. In no way am I promoting the idea of people working for “low paying assholes.” The point I was trying to make is that people don’t have to be freelancers period. They don’t have to work online, especially if they are being underpaid. If they are making significantly less than minimum wage on the internet, they can go to McDonald’s, find a job, and pick up work online whenever something comes around worthy of their time. I only moved to full-time work online when it became more profitable than what I was doing at the time, and then more profitable than the degree I was pursuing.

            I’m not insulting anyone. I’m saying that under no circumstances are there writers, programmers, data entry experts, and other internet workers with guns to their heads as they type away. We all choose this kind of career, and we take the good with the bad. If it turns out to be a poor decision, it’s our job to figure out whether we need to go elsewhere. This applies to any career, even outside of the internet. The majority of us aren’t given great opportunities from the start, and most change careers a few times in life before finding something that works for them. Even I have done that with a freelancing career – I’m still doing it to this day. At the end of the day though, I know I there isn’t anything stopping me from stepping away from the computer and going out into the real world.

          • Roland CLEMENCEAU

            okay i sort of see your point better now, but can’t help thinking it’s not so simple, partly because most people working freelance don’t do that good socially in a normal job and seem to be a quite isolated socially anyway, so even if i think i understand what you’re saying, it’s probably not every freelancer that can deal with things this way, with an open and daring mind

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            That I agree with. I convinced a family member of mine to “do what I do” because she was struggling to work in the hustle and bustle of society. In that case, it can be difficult to deal with the fact that most freelance jobs don’t pay well – especially if you don’t have experience. If you’re good at what you do though, you manage to get through it. I did, she did, and several of my colleagues did as well. Leave the crappy jobs for the crappy workers, and commit to finding the jobs you deserve. Something always seems to come up. :)

          • Snoopy

            I mean, in theory, anyone can work at McDonalds. But not everyone wants to, because they rather spend their time towards trying to gain actual work experience. And I’m not saying that there’s no merit in working a Fast Food job, but training teenagers while earning minimum wage isn’t what most people have in mind when they get a college degree. Hell, even people who are interested in culinary arts wouldn’t utilize McDonalds because it doesn’t make them look good. It might be better than being unemployed, but it’s still McDonalds. Personally, I don’t plan on freelancing forever. But until I begin running my own agency, I’m not going to see the point of working at McDonalds. I rather have a job that would serve as a helpful contact or reference on my resume. Relevancy to your background is key.

          • Rachelle

            So true. I wonder how many people in Seattle will freelance online when the minimum wage rises to $15 an hour.

          • Carl Grubb

            No one is choosing this! I am not! I know many others who are not! We are forced into low wage dead end jobs because our professional careers were out sourced and we all have become economic slaves to those who outsourced our American lives! Before this is over millions of Americans like myself are going to go to war! I would rather fight and die than spend the rest of my American life subsisting on poverty wages while my American career goes flush down the toilet! If you think I’m the only one who knows this, you would be wrong. We know where our American careers and lives have gone and we know who is responsible! Judgment day is coming much sooner than you think!

          • CNB

            That is so true, they exploit people because they take jobs they either can’t do or just don’t want to.Then pay hard working freelancers who are struggling to get a review, their pennies or appropriately called “peanuts” to complete them. This should not have been allowed in the first place. Heaven can say what she wants, she is where she is and is now able, after a few years to dictate what happens in her savings account. Have a thought for those in third world countries and those who are just starting out. I am sure she did not start out where she is at right now.

          • Snoopy

            There are lots of people who also speak from a place of privilege. I don’t know Heather’s life so I can’t presume for her, but maybe Heather’s never had to work a bad job to know what it’s like. In that case, good for her. But it’s not so good for the rest of us in this world that have had to slum it.

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            I have had to work bad jobs, to the point where I was working 14 hours a day just to make ends meet. That may not sound terrible for people who are used to labor intensive jobs, but don’t underestimate the difficulties of the mental arts. Writing for more than a few hours straight gives me massive headaches…but that is all beside the point.

            I am where I am because I have worked extremely hard to build a reputation online. I’m efficient with my time, communicative with my clients, active in my job hunts…etc. I don’t think it’s right for clients to pay pennies for jobs that are worth dollars, but at the same time, I don’t think the sites hosting those jobs should be held accountable for them. It’s the client who is choosing to hurt his employees, not the website.

            The entire point of this debate was that freelancing is far from slavery, as Roland originally stated. It is a career choice that you just have to get through. If that means working for less than what you think you’re worth at first, do it and get through it. Even a slow writer online can usually make more than minimum wage from the start – if he or she is active in finding work. Unpaid interns aren’t considered slaves in the real world. Freelancers shouldn’t be considered so on the internet. No offense, but it comes across as an excuse not to do well, rather than an opportunity to learn and grow.

          • Snoopy – Your Friendly Neighbo

            I understand your point about freelancing not necessarily being slavery (If anything, the whole point of Freelancing is that it’s anything but). But what I’m trying to argue is that it’s all semantics at this point. In our situation, we’re Americans and we’re also coming from a place of privilege: it’s a lot easier for us to not trust any online job that tries to sell the allure of working offsite for pennies an hour, and for a reason: If you can’t build any in-person connection, it’s harder to trust the person who you’re working for. And a lot of these people seem to not be real contacts but random folks in the middle of nowhere. However, for someone in a third world country, I imagine that they see these contracts in a country like America, and they don’t make that connection. They think they’re working for a real person when in reality, they’re being manipulated.

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            I can understand that perspective. Even people in America who aren’t familiar with the industry can get caught up in scams. I’ve probably lost a few thousand dollars worth of work from people who just chose not to pay me one day or who decided to drop their rates for no reason…without warning. Freelancing is far from the “right fit” for everyone, but it can be wonderful if you find a route that works for you. Some people just take longer to find that than others.

          • Snoopy – Your Friendly Neighbo

            Oh Definitely! And heck, there’s places here in the US that have fooled me too and made me believe they were legit. It’s always the hardest pill to swallow when you realize you’re in bad company. It’s sad but after one too many bad clients, you’re forced to develop business savvy fast in this field.

          • USMC

            Sorry, but pennies on the dollar is “economical slavery”!

          • Carl Grubb

            I am an unemployed Graphic Designer and I go to these sights that all want money for me to find work. I am dead broke and there is no work anywhere! when I do see a job someone want a logo for $20.00! Are you kidding!? To properly develop a logo takes up to two weeks 40 hours a week + ! Anything less is a scam! I know people are using modified clip art and selling it, but that is not Logo Design! I am out of money and can’t even buy food because many Graphic Designers are accepting economic slave wages for university level work! I see it everywhere! If we keep allowing this to happen we are going to end up starving to death!

      • Neerob

        I couldn’t agree more. I was actually lucky enough to find some great clients and a couple of ample-wage jobs but then suddenly from out of the blue oDesk permanently suspends me from using their platform.
        I guess I was too classy for them.

        • Danish

          I am Software engineer and working in .NET from 2 year i want to work with you spober_woh@yahoo.com

      • Roland CLEMENCEAU

        oDesk is alright for those first projects/clients you need in your portfolio if starting out without diplomas(and provided you don’t fall into traps like the one mentioned above, which happen like a million times a day on their site). Then it’s time to leave the boat, figure out how to come outta the rat race with all your mind straight, fight daily stress, anxiety, low selfesteem, to be able to eventually find better paying gigs, that suit your skills better, with better clients. Otherwise you’re in for hell, forget about being able to pay your bills like the others, forget about living a normal life, cut down on everything until you realize you got conned thinking you were doing your own business a favor. At that point you have only been pleasing a bunch of lowlives who don’t even realize your potential. Now, oDesk has a nice gui yeah, and there is worse, there certainly is, that’s the sad truth too. But they still are brokers in the field…of globalisation/neo_slavery. Be EXTRA-careful if you really plan to use sites like those.

      • USMC

        I don’t get it. Heaven, why would you even write an article about freelancing and include oDesk when, in fact, you know it has gone to crapolly? I just saying!!!

    • Aaditya Jain

      Elance has lot of loop wholes in their payment system..any one can make you fool by not paying fees. Odesk is much secure

    • Arpan

      It depends from person to person. I find oDesk as the best place to get projects. Now a days its getting difficult as the competition is increasing and skills resources are available at low cost. I never tried other sites like Elance.

    • Prabodh Phanse

      Hi Ashwin,

      I am from Mumbai, India. I am an editor with over four years of experience (as a full-time employee) in editing documents pertaining to various domains (business research, finance research, investment banking, company valuations, etc.). I intend to take up freelance editing from February 2014. Kindly guide me on how I can start with, and which will be the best place to find freelance editing jobs on the Internet. I just need a start, so that I can build a profile.

      Many thanks for reading my query. I will be thankful if you share few words of advice in this regard.

      Prabodh Phanse

    • tereza23

      i agree with you ,people are ready to work for $1 per hour on oDesk ,Elance and guru are the best ,peopleperhour is too expensive

  • Bhadresh Arya

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful information. :)

  • Dev

    what is your job role?

    • yasir

      how do u get jobs plz tell me also

  • SC

    Thanks for putting up this informative article. Truly an experience talk.

  • Shashank Agrawal

    Beautifully Summarized.. Vielen Dank!! (Thank you very much)

  • just_jr

    An interesting article, although freelancing nowadays has become a quasi impossible job! I used to make 20k/year with rentacoder (now bought by Freelance.com.), between 2000 and 2005. Now, I haven’t found ANYTHING for the last 6 months, or had to reject offers ready to pay 0.01$/hour…
    On Freelance, 99% of job offers now end-up “expired” or “closed”. Each offer recieves 50+ bids from India (most of them Cur/Paste standard bull).
    The economic climate does not help either…
    Retiring from this world of madness… and taking care of MY OWN sites…

  • Bibz

    I used to use RentaCoder where I earned pretty well. It turned vWorker after some times and finally Frelancer.com bought it.. Now I’m not getting enough to pay my bills.. I’m finding it really hard to get works and there are plenty of spams too…

  • Natasha Postolovski

    I’d like to suggest Microlancer.com – they let you set your own prices and you are not contacted unless a client pays upfront for your service (no bidding).

  • Bic

    oDesk is also my favorite freelancing site because this is where I got my first job online. Writing as a career in the Philippines does not really come easy unless you are a Journalism or English lit. graduate. Even then, the pay may not be that great at all (our local newspaper pays $6 for a one-page story). Contrast that with what I earn at oDesk (some clients in the travel industry were willing to pay me $12 a page) and you can see why I have no time to look for jobs elsewhere. The key is to develop your craft, exceed client expectations, and stick to what you think you are worth. At my published hourly rate (which is equal to the minimum wage of California), most US/UK/Australian clients think they get a bargain, and so more business comes in.

  • Andrew

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  • LJ

    I’m with just-jr, rentacoder, which was renamed vWorker, was really great. Easy to use, easy to find work, and really steady. If I put in the hours, $2,000/mth off that site was no problem. Now that Freelancer bought it, it has been nothing but problems and I haven’t had a single job. Stay far away from it. I had someone try to negotiate down from $0.01/word to $0.003/word. Are you kidding? The first was a bargain, the second was an insult.

  • Inglorious_Basterd

    Any suggestions on blogging? I wouldn’t mind building up the portfolio that way.

  • Inglorious_Basterd

    PS. Craigslist is extremely hit or miss. it’s one of the most bi-polar sites online.

  • aarshit

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  • bkb

    Thank you for your information! I have established my presence on both oDesk and Elance for several weeks now, and no offers ;-( I am a “tech-savvy” HR Professional. I have awesome skills and feel that I have presented this on both sites. I am looking for *anything* online at this point, at least to get my online/free-lance career moving! Do you now of any Webinars or tools that could help me?

  • Sherri

    Thanks for providing these sources. I work on Elance now, and signed up for oDesk about a week ago. But I never thought of Craigslist – so that’s my next stop! Thanks again!

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      What I’ve learned about Craigslist is that it takes a lot of applications to get a single response back, but when you do, it could really pay off. I had a client just contact me last week (October) for a job I applied to in early August. The response was significantly delayed, but now I have new, consistent work. Can’t complain about that :) Good luck!

      PS: I have the hardest time logging in under the same account every time to make a comment on here. It always says I already have an account (uh…duh!) but then wants me to create a new one. It won’t use my existing one. Very frustrating. If anyone thinks this is an imposter of some sort, note that it is me :)

      • Heaven Stubblefield

        Ha, I say that now realizing it allowed me to log in after all. Oh Freshbooks. How you make me giggle.

  • Thomas

    I’ve gotten hired for several jobs on oDesk as an article writer and blogging, and I’m generally happy with the site. But it freezes me in some options, I prefer SEOClerks over oDesk or any other freelancing site.

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    so in order to confirm,they have wanted that I ask clients opening ticket between client and oDesk.
    If I am client and client finished contract, I’ll think uncomfortably contractor who waste their time.
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    In fact, It seem that oDesk want my funds(14000$).
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  • Sushant Verma

    I am new to ODesk but from past one month I am searching jobs on ODesk but is unable to grab any job. Can anybody help me in finding out where I am lacking behind in getting a job from ODesk.

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      The first job takes time. You might have to apply for something with really low pay at first, just to get your foot in the door. Try jobs that blatantly say “first timers welcome” or “newbies apply here!” Those employers just want cheap, quick work, and they usually leave great feedback.

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  • Akhtar khan

    anybody please suggest me data entry job sites.

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      Most of the sites on this list have data entry jobs. I know oDesk has a bunch of them, and I’d suspect Elance does too.

  • http://flawedgaming.com/ Ryan Fanus

    For me, iWriter seems to be the only way to make some money on the net, though not a lot since projects come and go faster than a speeding train.

  • Bay Castillo

    Do you have to be 18+ years old to register to any of these accounts?

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      I think I outsourced to someone on oDesk once who was 16. She may have lied about her age when she filled out the application though (doubtful, since they need valid information for taxes). The problem with being underage is that most of the payment gateways you can use to withdraw money from oDesk require you to be 18. I believe PayPal does, unless they have changed that recently. If you are under 18 years of age, you may want to see if your parents can sign up on your behalf. Just note that your income will be taxed if it is over $600, which means your parents may want some money out of your pay to cover their loss at the end of the year.

      • Heaven Stubblefield

        PS: You might reach out to employers on Craigslist to see if they would work with someone under 18. Then you’ll be talking to an actual person, not a company with automated requirements.

        • bee jay

          Hi Heaven,
          Hope you are keeping well. Can we work together?? briefing you about us we are a 15+ year old Web Agency. Can discuss more if reverted.

          Look forward for a mutual beneficial partnership

          • Heaven Stubblefield

            Just reach out to me on oDesk. The link to my profile is in the resource box at the very bottom of this article. I obviously don’t want to be giving my email address to everyone who reads this 😉 I think you may have to create a fake job to invite me to, but just say “Freshbooks” or “bee jay” in the invitation and I’ll know who you are. OR, you’re welcome to provide your contact info here, if permitted :)

          • bee jay

            Hi Heaven,
            Reach me on my mail id beejay.aceinfoway@gmail.com
            Will share other contact details after got reverted by you.

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          • Heaven Stubblefield

            Email sent :) You can ask me a test question if you need to confirm it’s me, though I’m not sure what that would entail…lol

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    • Heaven Stubblefield

      My favorites are “defiantly” instead of definitely, “varies” instead of various, and “owww” instead of “ohhh”. All words – just not the right ones. “I defiantly heard varies ows come out of that man’s mouth!” The comedy just writes itself…. 😛

  • sumon

    now a day odesk and elance is very complex to get a job

  • PK

    I prefer Elance to Odesk. Odesk is really difficult in getting a job.

  • Young Scott

    I used to use RentaCoder where I earned pretty well. It turned vWorker after some times and finally Frelancer bought it.. Now I’m finding it really hard to get works and there are plenty of spams too… PS. SEOClerks is extremely hit. It’s one of the most largest site online.

  • Ben Field

    From many of the comments on this site, it’s all about how bad employers are! Wanting work done for as low a cost as possible….Hey, that’s the job of the employer..get the lowest cost input. Do you yourself seek to buy products and services for the highest price you can find? Of course you don’t.

    99.9% of projects for development (computing/electronics etc) are from people who have an idea. The likelihood of that idea ever making money is less than 0.5% so its all risk capital. Even if the idea works out, the problems of taking that to market (and the massive costs involved) mean that the vast majority will never make it.
    Where is your risk as a service provider?

  • Matt

    Heaven – Next time you write an article like this, I think you should detail the full facts and not imply things will be as easy for everyone else as they are for you. You should have detailed the fact that many jobs go as very low paid work to lesser earning countries like India etc.

    You stated “oDesk is a great site to start off with, and it still provides steady income for the pros. I’ve stuck with it for four years for a reason. It works” – Well reading the comments from other people it clearly doesn’t work for them.

    You said in reply to Ashwin’s concerns “When I started working on oDesk years ago, things were different”. Why didn’t you point this out in your article?

    You do not paint the full picture in your article so it does not represent the reality of the subject you chose to write about.

    • Donald_FreshBooks

      Hi Matt – Donald here from FreshBooks – thanks for your comments. As you indicate, the freelance world changes all the time. So I thought I would point your attention to another post we did on finding freelance work. Hopefully you’ll find some good ideas here:

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      For one, making an article that detailed every single pro and con of every single website would be monstrously long. It wouldn’t make a lot of since for me to do that. The sites on here are all mere suggestions of places to go to find work. What you do with them is entirely up to you. I can only write about what has worked for me, and as you may notice in my Elance comment, I said that other freelancers may disagree with my opinion. Despite the fact that oDesk has gone downhill, I STILL get work from it from time to time. I have a client now who pays $.05/word for relatively simple work, and I picked her up from oDesk. Sorry that I did not include everything you wanted in the article, but as with anything online, you cannot rely on it as a singular source of information.

  • Prabodh Phanse

    Hi Heaven,

    I am from Mumbai, India. I am an editor with over four years of experience (as a full-time employee) in editing documents pertaining to various domains (business research, finance research, investment banking, company valuations, etc.). I intend to take up freelance editing from February 2014. Kindly guide me on how I can start with, and which will be the best place to find freelance editing jobs on the Internet. I just need a start, so that I can build a profile.

    Many thanks for reading my query. I will be thankful if you share few words of advice in this regard.

    Prabodh Phanse

  • Alex Tokmakchiev

    No one should ever use sites such as 99designs. Speculative work is bad for your, bad for the product you are designing and is basically slave work, since you are NOT guaranteed in any way that your effort will be compensated.

    The day platforms such as 99designs vanish will be the best day for the design industry.

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    *Every time freelancers complete a milestone, they’ll be paid for it. When a milestone is created, we collect the money from the client and ‘unfreeze’ it when the client confirms that freelancers’ve completed the milestone.

  • Umer Khan

    Hello. Is there a website that hires statistical data analysts?

  • Ghost

    I’m glad you can find work on sites like Elance/oDesk but I have no luck with them. I charge a trivial $3 per 100 words and yet I’m still beat out by copy/pasted foreigners willing to take on a task for .50c per 100 words. Sure, the work may be spun garbage or incoherent but the majority of the clients on those sites just want everything for as cheap or as free as they can get it.

    Honestly, having your own website and building up a reliable client list is the best way to make money in this business. Relying on job boards/forums and sites like Freelance will leave you hungry for more work. It’s hard to obtain work when you’re competing against hundreds if not thousands of writers willing to go lower than you.

    Not to mention, a lot of the foreigners have “English Agents” that do interviews for them so you think you’re getting a foreigner with great English, only to receive incomprehensible crap.

  • http://www.towoglo.com/ DavidTWG

    Towoglo is another valid alternative

  • Cbf

    Rentacoder doesn’t exist anymore. Great research.

  • The Website Guy

    All these bug companies taking the freelance money and pushing out to another country, when is this going to end. Anyways, for all you Canadian Freelancer’s there is actually a website called www(dot)canadianfreelance(dot)com – try it!

  • montebank

    There’s probably 300 or so million people in India educationally on par with anyone in the United States. Technically, that is, but not even in the ball park when it comes to writing colloquial English. So the foreign employers low ball and they’ll wonder why their site turns away revenue. Consumers want the familiar. Consumers who pay top dollar speak English. “Bouncy ball Ok for young ones” will not help your business. I’ve worked with a lot of great foreign workers over the years but 98.9% percent could not master English prose (and they didn’t care).

    I’m not worried about foreign competition. Great programmers a dime a dozen but decent writers to help your image, sales and the rest..right.

  • Andy

    ODesk is a joke compared to other freelancing websites. They set ridiculous standards, don’t encourage groups, and require lots of bulky software. Furthermore, the pricing is just ridiculously low. The clients expect you to design their entire branding campaign for peanuts.

  • Sunny

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  • Jackie

    I set up a detailed profile on odesk based on this article, only to find that most people are charging ridiculously low rates like $2 an hour. How can you consider this worthy of any freelancer’s time?

    • Heaven Stubblefield

      With ANY freelancing site, you have to spend time finding the good jobs in the bunch. There are tons of employers who want to get the cheapest rates possible, but there are also a number of them who are willing to pay good money to the right candidates. It’s frustrating, I know, but there is hope at the end of it all.

  • workhoppers.com

    I completely agree with you and that is why at Workhoppers we connect local talent with flexible jobs. Check it out! Easy and free.

  • workhoppers.com

    Heaven, I invite you to create your profile on Workhoppers(dot)com a Canadian alternative to Odesk, Elance and other freelancers site. At workhoppers there is no auction, companies communicate and negotiate directly with local talent. Try it.

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    • Heaven Stubblefield

      Content development. I can essentially handle all forms of writing on the web, from eBooks to product descriptions and everything in between.

  • GilbertCuevas

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    oDesk is my first job in my whole career. and all of the clients are getting cheaper.. If you’re working as a Data encoder, they’re job objectives is included with their budget limit and that is $0.15!!!! if you’ll bid below $0.15 cents will be hired!! oDesk clients are cheapskates! that’s why I never returned on that trash site.

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  • Beth Jackson

    I was able to find a job using Gradzpower. They were really useful and helped match me up with a great company.

  • RWB99

    One of the biggest necessities for me when I decided to branch out into freelance work was the ability to work from home and set my own schedule (which I know seems like something all freelancers would be able to do, but that’s really not the case). At the time, we were moving a lot for my husband’s job and I wanted to be able to take my job with me. I would up using the site www(dot)flexjobs(dot)com which posts only super-flexible jobs. I found my first freelance gig using that site and even though it’s turned into a pretty steady job, I still maintain my subscription to find one-off projects and short-term jobs. The thing I liked best is that there isn’t a bidding process, so it’s a lot more like applying to regular job listings than some of the other freelance job sites.


    O’desk is all bumph; Elance is overcrowded with people bidding the lowest allowed. Guru is complex navigation, but OK. PPH is far and away the best, paying 3 times as much for the same job. Ask me, I should know. I made $13,160 in 4 years with Elance and Euros 8,350 in ONE year at PPH. And I’m a freelancer. I write well too, so I’m generally an invitee.

  • Jeff Swanson

    I’ve had a lot of success with Freelanced.com (www.freelanced.com) and Elance (www.elance.com). I am a web developer/programmer and have managed to land a few jobs. I also see that Freelanced seems to have alot of illustration/art jobs.

    Has anybody else found other good sites for IT people like myself (i.e. Web Developers)??

  • R.D.

    I just got finished checking out oDesk. Wow. The pay is ridiculous. I did’t even bother looking at the other sites because this one (your favorite!) was so pathetic. Someone wants me to write a book for them in three days time and pay me a generous $2?! I could make more money selling lemonade at a cardboard stand on the corner for gods sake. How insulting.

  • shahid hussain siddiqui

    shahid hussain siddiqui

  • Lucy Chastain

    Craig’s List is a waste of time. 99.999% job offers are by cheapskates bartering for services or offering “no pay, but a wonderful opportunity to build your portfolio.”

    99D is garbage. I used to do that way back in the day. Not anymore. What happens is that if you’re the front runner in a contest, cheaters study your design, listen to the contest holder’s feedback, and then produce a copy of your idea at the last minute, winning the project. Most contest holders even encourage this kind of theft. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • John

    CopyShoppy is another great freelance writer marketplace for advertisement writers/brand name developers

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  • Jules

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  • I.S.M. Habibullah

    At this moment Odesk is surely the best freelancing platform though the pay rates are considerably low. There is a steady income opportunity for everyone out there. But I should also mention that the pay rate is low if you lack quality and don’t know how to negotiate it.

  • Umar

    @heavenstubblefield:disqus The list is nicer and it’s even nicer to see you’ve added Do and Don’t section for some of them.

    My Craigslist experience has been pretty bad. It seems they don’t deliver the email if you are from a country that is not job poster’s country.

    Before you say I must have sent canned emails or spammed. That was not the case. Over a period of 4 days I sent around 30 replies and all of them were custom written specifically for each job/gig. Most of the gigs/jobs were in New York

    All the jobs/gigs wanted help with their websites and that’s what I do on all freelance websites that you mention in your article.

    I did not get even one reply to 30 custom written highly specific applications. That never happens when I apply on other freelancing websites. Because I write highly specific applications.

    That brings me to the conclusion that may be Craigslist only trusts people from the US or developed countries.

  • Jenny Murphy

    I’ve used Elance and Freelancer.com for a while now, but I just started using Pro Digital Network and I like it a lot. I do some photography and graphic design on the side and it works perfect for that.

  • tarickTDS

    I dont understand the problem with low paid gigs. look at fiver, its based around cheep gigs. anyone gonna say its an evil site? All I ever read is people using shock words such as Slavery, Globalisation etc to try to add impact to a non existant argument. or so it would seem. can someone please make a good quality sound and intellegent argument as to exactly why hiring someone for $1 an hour is in some way a problem?

    other than that it makes life hard for the middle class that is.

    In my mind at least its a new era, a new dawn, a new world. A world no one has ever needed to compete in before, a world where previously millions of excluded participants have now entered our areana. The world of global communication. so guess what, were here and we aint goin back so best buckle up and enjoy the ride cos its only the beggining of this thing.

    • Suiggle

      Tarick, take a break from being a douchebag for one second, and spare a thought for the human being who is supposed to live on $1 an hour. I bet you can’t live on a $1 an hour.

    • Susan of Georgia

      $1 an hour in the US is a problem because it’s against the law.

      Minimum wage in the US is $7.25 an hour, which i still cheap for great graphic design.

  • Sandeep

    Elance is better than odesk.

  • Michael

    I tried Odesk got some good work done for sure.I also tried other sites like http://damnquickjobs.com and http://freelance.com which had some good freelance jobs.I think it all comes down to what one wants to get done and being sensible with bidding.

  • Johnny

    I also started with oDesk for about 1 or 2 years I think until I got absorbed in the website where I am working for. It works for me and maybe for others as well but if you are looking for a gorgeous pay to begin your career, this is not your place. Instead, start your own company.

  • hasan

    ODESK IS VERY CRUEL WITH CONTRACTERS AND THEY DONT HAVE ANY SYSTEM ABOUT THE pricing day by day the price is going down with all types of project work I THINK U.S GOV SHOULD BAN THIS SITE ..why the rates are droped to much for projects atleast for hourly project rate 5 and fixed price 50$ ..no more 1$ or 10$ what the hell is this people working all day work and they just get only 10$ per day..its a very shame for odesk…thay dont have any good policy about the pricing..some one have to notice to update to odesk ,,and i m seeing that odesk will be no more number one…

  • http://www.vectorpsdfree.com/ vectorpsdfree

    Well! the list above presented are very good. I love odesk too its very good as compared to other! you can all check my professional guide ebook on my website. It will explain how you can become professional

  • Yan

    How in the world is Freelancer any good. You have to pay a monthly plan just to bid then you have to pay to take exams to bid the projects and even the projects that I saw so far suck. I mean WTF either you pay a monthly plan to access the whole shabang this is ridicoulous.

  • MSI Sakib

    Really this freelancing sites list is very rich. I also made another list in my blog. You can have a look of that @ techmasi(dot)com/top-10-freelancing-sites-work-online/

  • Deepak Sharma

    It depends from person to person. I find oDesk as the best place to get projects.

  • Manoj Garg

    Hello Sir,
    First of all thanks for your post about freelancing websites. I am doing work on Odesk and elance. I like your best 3rd option that is craiglist.

    I have one question. How to bid on craiglist? I can only bid without login there. But When i logged in there. Then I can only post a job there.

  • Manoj Garg

    Hello Sir,
    First of all thanks for your post about freelancing websites. I am doing work on Odesk and elance. I like your best 3rd option that is craiglist.

    I have one question. How to bid on craiglist? I can only bid without login there. But When i logged in there. Then I can only post a job there.

  • John

    As a person who has never done this before , freelance writing. How do you make money? Where exactly do you start? Is there classes you should take ? Sorry for all the questions but I want to live in another country and this seems like a nice way to make a living.

  • Matt

    Thank you for this! It was just what I needed at this moment in my freelancing endeavor.

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