API v2.0 Released – FreshBooks is a Platform Now

Today we are releasing the FreshBooks API.

You can find Ben’s wonderful documentation here. The API now has its own blog to share recent updates, scripts, samples and examples – if you are a developer, subscribe. We also have a forum just for those of you who are playing with the API.

Who is API for?

  • Developers connecting FreshBooks with their own systems or cool desktop widgets.
  • Web application developers, web hosts, or subscription services who want to avoid drowning in lost time building their own billing backend.
  • Companies needing to replace their existing billing backend because a lack of reporting, payment history, and friendly dispute mechanisms is upsetting customers and internal developers.
  • Anyone with good ol’ customers that need good ol’ invoices via snail mail.

What Can You Do with the API

Every day, new web applications are joining the Software-as-a-Service movement. We wanted to contribute back to our fellow peers in the simplest way possible, and the best way we know how, and help them get their money in the door. With the API, you’ll be able to:

  • Deliver professional invoices over email and through the good old snail mail.
  • Efficiently track outstanding accounts receivable.
  • Cordially manage billing disputes.
  • Record payment histories for your customers’ peace of mind.
  • Smoothly collect payment online collecting by credit card, PayPal, or eCheck.

Because the API allows you to manage clients, create invoices, and record payments, it’s easy to slide it into your existing billing system. Don’t go through the agony of learning how to mail invoices, negotiate with payment gateways, and track those delinquent customers yourself! You should only have to worry about your own business.

Other Thoughts Regarding the API

Of course, because the API is a true open API, you can do a lot more with it. FreshBooks doesn’t want to own you. Get your data out, play with it, and shove it back in. Hook FreshBooks up with your favorite productivity tool or desktop widget. (Tip: We’ve already integrated Basecamp! Maybe you want to integrate with some of the other great services out there.) Stuck with QuickBooks? We’re building an import/export tool. Now, you can build an import/export tool for your own favorite or least favorite application.

Have any other cool ideas? Maybe you want to build your own end-to-end sales operations company. Go ahead. Build it on our backs. We’re not asking for a cut from your sweat.

Join our developer community and let us help you with your next steps.

BTW – we were planning to launch the API and documentation around noon, but we’ve been outed by Techcrunch and a few other blog posts, so you can expect this post to be updated throughout the day as more content trickles out. In the meantime, please roll with us. Thanks.

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  • http://search-friendly-ads.com Todd Garland

    Great move, I already have a to-do list of things I’d like to do with it!

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#michael Mike McDerment

    aces todd…care to share? We’re really interested to hear what people are up to that we have not even imagined yet. Please feel free to sound off…and feel free to dream up stuff you might like to be able to do…we’re committed to our API and we’ll be putting FreshBooks on top of it and extending it into other areas of our service (timesheet, support, other new stuff that’s coming).

  • http://www.sinvoicer.com Goran

    Great news! I had a quick look at the documentation, it looks very promising. I will very soon try to integrate with it. I am excited as much as you are :-)

  • http://www.simplestartup.com Dave Martin

    Does this version support reoccurring expenses?

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#michael Mike McDerment

    Hey Dave – thanks for asking. Presently FreshBooks does not handle expenses, but it will before too long and we’ll be sure to expose those capabilities by API when we release them.

    Now…if you mean recurring invoices, then the answer is Ben is putting the finishing touches on that. In the meantime and if they can’t wait we figures people can write a simple cron themselves.

  • Dave Martin

    Yep. I meant invoices. Cool.

  • http://www.theworkinggroup.ca Dom

    Excellent news! Congrats.

    We’ll look over the documentation, and give you a ‘heads-up’ prior to planning our client apps. We’d like to vet a couple ideas with your dev team to ensure that our model are viable.

    Maybe you could get the dev team to set up a screen-cast for some hello-world API samples..

    Onward and upward,


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  • JB

    I’d love to see an integration with SugarCRM come from this.

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  • http://realaniwebsites.com Chris Henry

    Can my customer facing pages be infinitely customized?

  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#ben Ben Vinegar

    Hi Chris,

    I wouldn’t use the word “infinitely”, but many of your client interactions can be customized using the API. Some FreshBooks customers have developed their own custom client signup forms, for example.

    If you have a specific project idea in mind, I recommend posting about it in the developer forums.