FreshBooks contest bonanza!

We at FreshBooks are all about bringing the fun to the middle of your working day. We are sponsoring three contests right now, simultaneously!

FreshBooks and Yahoo! take you to the good old hockey game

In conjunction with PodCamp Toronto, FreshBooks and Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada are taking three video/podcasters to see the Toronto Marlies vs. the Hamilton Bulldogs this Sunday, February 24 at 4 PM ET.

Go here for details, and enter by Saturday at 5 PM ET for your chance to win.

SEOs fight fat for charity!

Logo for SEOs Fight Fat For Charity

A bunch of SEOs realized they needed to lose some weight, so they got together and made it a public event. FreshBooks is pledging $500 on long-time customer, Jennifer Laycock, Editor-in-Chief of Search Engine Guide. Ever the mommy blogger, if she wins the Human Milk Banking Association of North America will get a cheque for thousands of dollars. She’s currently leading! Cheer her on, or make a pledge yourself!

MediatorTech book launch!

Tammy Lenski, another FreshBooks customer and professional mediator, is having a virtual book launch party, for her new book, Making Mediation Your Day Job, her marketing guidebook to help mediators open their own private practice. It has five stars so far on Amazon! FreshBooks is offering up a year-long “shuttle bus” package as one of the prizes in the drawing. Be sure to check it out!

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  • Tammy Lenski

    Thank you so much for your sponsorship of one of my book launch prizes, FreshBooks! I know interest in your prize is very high and several folks have gone so far as to ask me if there’s any way I can engineer their win of that one. It’ll be a random drawing despite their pleas, but I thought you’d like to know of the keen interest!

  • Pete Flecha

    Having dinner with the boys tonight. Can’t wait.

  • Mike McDerment


    Great to meet you and way to rock the mic – you’d make a great late talk show host!