FreshBooks Hits 80,000 Users

Earlier this week FreshBooks exceeded the 80,000 user count. Along with the much anticipated ground mail release yesterday, we’ve recently received positve mentions from the likes Rafe Needleman of CNET and Marshall Kirkpatrick of Techcrunch.

With a user count milestone, a successful ground mail release, some honourable mentions plus the end of summer around the corner, I sense some after work premium lager out on the ol’ FreshBooks patio sometime soon.


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  • Scott Meade

    Congrats Freshbooks team. Quite an inspiration!

  • corky

    Is this 80K being billed through FB, or do you have 80K subscribers to the FB service? Just curious.

  • Mike McDerment

    Scott – thanks for the encouragement!

    Corky – that’s a fair question. Sadly I’m going to have to hold out on you though… we’re a private company that’s been around since Feb 2003 and we keep our numbers tightly underwraps – it’s a cultural thing. That said, I like to think it’s quite an accomplishment anyway you slice it….80,000 users and growing faster than ever. Not bad eh? Thanks for asking.

  • Donna

    Great job FB on the milestone! I’m sure it won’t be long until you guys reach the 100K mark.

  • Nick Nichols

    Mike – I think you really fumbled the snap on Corky’s question. As a potential customer, I’d like to see you take another stab at it. You clearly don’t keep your numbers under wraps – just their explanations.

  • Mike McDerment

    Nick – I think your request is fair enough…While sharing those numbers is not a bad thing in principle – and you are right I was being decidedly ambiguous – , we are a private company as I mentioned and our culture is that we don’t share that information publicly.

    For the record, it would have been much easier to let Corky’s question hang out there unanswered – yours too for that matter – , but I did not think that would be the right thing to do, despite the ambiguity of my response.

    I tried to address the question in the best way I can. If we were a public company our numbers would be public knowledge. We are not public, so our numbers are not public either.

    I am sorry if this does not satisfy your interests – I truly am. We are financially viable I can tell you that, more so every month in fact. Please call me directly if you have any more questions. I am at ext 222.

  • Reginald D

    Nick, with respect I feel that your comment was inappropriate. Mike had already stated why he would not reveal how many paying customers Freshbooks currently has. I fully agree that it would be nice if this information was shared with us since Freshbooks has created a community feeling but business is business and ultimately, secrets must be kept.

    It should also be clear that this is a financially viale company, especially since they are closely tied with their sister company.

  • Nick Nichols

    Thanks for the responses and the offer to chat.

    I accept fully the fact that a private company neither needs to nor should reveal customer numbers or competitive secrets. I didn’t ask you to reveal how many paying customers Freshbooks has – those simply aren’t my words.

    Frankly, I was interested in how you handled the discourse here and your offer to chat is perfectly adequate.

    Congratulations on your success. I think you guys are on to a great business idea here and I love the way you are implementing it.

  • Mike McDerment

    Thanks Nick.

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