Good things happen when you’re on the cloud

We came across Wired Magazine’s article about a new study finding evidence that cloud computing not only increases productivity but also reduces carbon emissions. That’s big news! The scientists argue that by migrating infrastructure to the cloud, the result is a marked reduction in energy consumption and thus offers you a chance to make a business decision that benefits the environment.

We really like this idea that cloud services mean a double-win for the end user: you get a technology solution that offers convenient access to your data plus a chance to make an environmental choice.

Join the discussion over at Wired: is the cloud key to reducing carbon emissions?

Ps – we liked this illustrated video explanation of cloud computing that shows you what this cloud thing is all about.

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  • Alex Sirota

    Cloud computing is also about interacting with your clients, prospects, partners without traveling to their locations. You work virtually with various methods of communications including voice/video. It makes sense and is much more cost effective, because it is “pay as you go”. Cloud is more than just about technology, it is most definitely a way of thinking and resetting your expectations about how IT works or how it SHOULD work.

  • Stephen Irvine

    Heard a lot about cloud computing lately, and having just bough a new hardware server I’m thinking it might be wise to start looking upwards (so to speak) especially if videos like this are to be believed.