Infographic: the Freelancer’s Game of Life

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Ever wondered what it might look like to change your work game? This illustration will ring true for many of our freelancer’s who experience the ups and downs of choosing the independent path. The moral of the story: no matter the challenges, the end result is worth it.

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  • David Rogers

    For those of us freelancing in FL, where do we retire to? 😀

  • Craig J

    Just like a regular job you have ups and downs. Overall I think most freelancers would never go back to a regular job unless circumstances absolutely forced them too.

  • Mike

    It’s hard to give up the freedom and most people will take less pay for less restrictions.

  • Jade R Thomas

    The work isn’t the hard part. Finding clients and getting them to pay you is the hard part. This game skims over the most important parts of the freelance business.

    And David – retire in Hawaii. 😉

  • Julia Senesac

    After 25 years, I couldn’t go back. I am the most demanding and the most generous boss I have ever had. Come what may, I am glad to have done it this way.
    BTW, it’s the BVIs, not Hawaii Florida

  • Tamar Cloyd

    Can I say how much I love these infographics? Wait, I just did. Thanks for the daily encouragement AND humor :)

  • Deborah

    Those who create the lives they desire want health as well as wealth! We’ll still have strong quadriceps at 80 because part of our work week includes regular workouts. Leave the cane for those who are content to sit all day.

  • Virtual Agent

    The illustration clearly emphasizes why it is important to enjoy the journey not just the destination :). In this world, we will never arrive at a place where everything is perfect and we have no more challenges. Enjoy each and every process so that the sense of accomplishment would be greater once you reached the goal.

  • Nick D

    weekend getaway?

    try 4 months+ a year out of the country earning £/$/€ & living on Rupees / Pesos etc etc

    be a little more imaginative people

  • Tom Collins

    Great stuff. Been freelancing for 3 years now. Rough times in the beginning but nothing but bliss now :)

  • Mike S

    Where does everyone suggest online to find new freelance gigs. I lost my job 6 weeks ago and have been doing freelance/contract work while I keep looking. I have 2 gigs right now and looking for a third to equal my past salary when I was employed. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Paul Van Slembrouck

    @Amanda Rappak — Great piece! Do you have an embed code for this image that I could publish on our blog? I think our readers would enjoy this as we are all about helping people get control of their money and their destiny! Would love to write a few words and link back to this post.

    @Mike S — Check out Elance, Guru, Dice, Craigslist depending what your skills are. I like to set up RSS feeds for specific Craigslist job postings so that I know whenever specific word is mentioned (e.g. “Excel”)

  • Matt Zeiger

    Been there, done that, and now I love being a W2 Employee. Taxes aren’t a worry, I’m not chasing down clients for money, and I’m making more money than I ever did Freelancing. Maybe its easier for some people to go without making money for a few months for some people (AKA Freelance), but not for me….

  •!/joshbedo Josh Bedo

    haha this is an awesome infographic made me laugh and miss playing Life.

  • oMicrone

    I love being Freelancer, but more being a part-timer .. I keep the goods from both worlds, a lot of time and some social life as well inclusive daily meeting with professionals from many fields of experties .. and working on the big stuff ..

  • John Coates

    Hi all, if you’d like to embed or share this infographic, please contact myself (coates [at] FreshBooks [dot] com) or Amanda (amanda [@] FreshBooks [.] com)

  • Dana

    I’ve been playing this game for 14 yrs. (and still counting, w00t!!) … roller coaster, no doubt but I loveLOVElove this game and have no intentions of giving up!!!

  • Phillip J

    That’s a very rosy picture. How about adding this: Your Fortune 500 client has cash-flow issues. They have to pay their employees or else the Department of Labor gets on their case. But you get no legal protection despite the air-tight contract they signed, which you paid an attorney to draft for you. They end up paying you 11 months late, but by that time you’ve charged so many business expenses on your personal credit card that you’ll be paying it off for years.

  • Iris

    HAHA I love the “Move back 3 spaces” because of the taxes LMAO! Very good rendition of the Game of Life!

  • Ug

    It is all good and true until something like cancer comes along, like it did for me last year. That is when you realize that ‘if you don’t work you don’t get paid’ and that health insurance paid by an employer is a really really really good thing.

    I am now healthy and still freelancing but thinking hard about going back to a known paycheck and being able to participate in a group health insurance plan.

  • Double G

    Been thinking for 5 years about leaving an extremely stable and decent paying job after 15 years, great pension. Can’t decide on what skills to freelance. Help!!!

  • Cassandra Bryan

    Thanks for the posting! I’ve been freelancing full time for almost 3 years and don’t think I could ever work for someone again, and hope I dont have too. It is all about getting a down payment, providing quality work and time management skillz!

    {practice aloha}