Infographic: The Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy

Freelancer Guide to the Galaxy

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  • Nick

    Who does your infographics? They are awesome!

  • Annette

    Nice visuals – and story! Recognized myself more than I’d like to admit at times :)

  • Tamar Cloyd

    Wow, awesome as usual! I especially dig the guy in the robe towards the end; I won’t even mention what I’m wearing now :)

  • Babul A. Mukherjee

    Great infographic!

  • Julio Reguero

    Love it! I’m going to make sure I include a clean pair of socks on my list of essential resources.

  • Nicole

    Love the time waster’s Black hole… so true!

  • Mike

    Having been a freelance graphic designer myself I know how hard it can be to come up with compelling graphics. This is definitely the work of a talented artist/designer.