Introducing: Automatic Expense Import connects your bank to FreshBooks

Introducing: Automatic Expense Import

UPDATE July 3/13: Over 60 Canadian financial institutions are now supported, with Scotiabank, BMO and Royal Bank just added.

Starting today you can enable an automatic, ongoing download of your expenses directly into your FreshBooks account with Automatic Expense Import.

Once you have connected your bank accounts, any new expenses will be uploaded daily; sparing you from tedious manual entry. As a small business owner, you know that inputting expenses can take an inordinate amount of time away from a busy schedule. We wanted to make this latest addition to the cloud accounting suite of time-saving capabilities a solution that would free up more of your time from paperwork plus enable you to assess your true spend more easily.

Who can use it?

Going forward, Automatic Expense Import is included with all FreshBooks paid packages, and for a limited time it is also available to existing, free FreshBooks accounts as well. It has already been in use with over 3,000 customers since last October and is now available in North America with support for more than 9,000 US financial institutions and 61 Canadian financial institutions (note: your country must be selected in “Settings.”)

Quick one time setup for auto download

Under the existing Expenses tab, you’ll see a new sub-tab called “Bank Accounts.” Follow the simple one-time setup by clicking the button “+Add Account.”

A pop-up will appear to enter your bank’s name and then from the list, select your bank or credit card account to securely connect it to FreshBooks. Once connected, your expenses will be imported on an ongoing basis until disconnected.

Accommodates multiple accounts

You can connect any or all of your business bank accounts and credit cards to FreshBooks to get your expenses imported.

This includes any checking account, credit card or PayPal account you are using to cover the costs involved in running your small business.

Editing made effortless with deletion tool

When your bank accounts and credit cards are connected to your FreshBooks account, Automatic Expense Import fetches the last 30-90 days worth of expenses data (depending on the bank you use).

It won’t import the same expense twice but it might import an expense that you have manually entered in the past. If an existing expense is imported, FreshBooks will flag the expense and give you the option to delete the duplicate.

We hope you enjoy Automatic Expense Import. As always if you have any questions about setting this up or anything else about your account, we’d love to help! Drop us a a line at 1-866-303-6061, email us or have a look through the Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • Matt

    Why can other country users not see it? Surely we can all use PayPal imports?

    Also I think on CSV imports the the vendor field should be bigger, its really hard when importing UK statements to see this info as its really long on our statements, a simply field size increase would be very useful.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Matt,

    We’d like to show it to you, but we are still perfecting our UK expense importing, and want it to be 100% before we turn it on for you.

    Please go ahead and fill out the request form linked-to in the post above, so we can understand what specific banks you’d like to see. By filling this out, we can also add you to our beta program as we roll this out more broadly.

    Can you send the details of the CSV import issue you’re having to our Support @ freshbooks email address? We’ll dig into it further and see if there’s something we can do.

    Lastly, regarding PayPal, we are investigating what we can do here for other countries. If there’s an update, I will post it here.


  • Howard

    Can you select which expenses apply and which don’t once they are imported? I don’t use separate credit cards so I have a mix of personal and business spending in my accounts

  • Travis

    This is a great feature! What if I don’t want EVERYTHING imported from my account but only selected items. Can I choose which expenses get imported?

  • Jerome Wilson

    Just wondering if you’re thinking about using similar technology to allow automated recording of invoice payments? That would be marvellous :)

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Howard,

    For now, you are best-off deleting personal expenses once they are imported. We treat all expenses you import as business expenses, but we know it is important to be able to separate personal from business, and will let you know if we make improvements there in the future.


  • Casey McKinnon


    During the first import, and during subsequent nightly imports, we bring in everything that your bank is willing to send us. How far back the initial import goes depends on your bank, and it varies from a week to as long as 90 days.

    You cannot choose which expenses get imported, but you can use the Search functionality within your expense list to find the ones you don’t want, and delete them yourself. We will not re-import deleted expenses unless you disconnect and reconnect your bank account.


  • Casey McKinnon


    You’re way ahead of us :). Watch this space for future updates.


  • Travis

    OK. Thanks. That’s a good first step. If my bank account is in dollars and my freshbooks account is in Euros will it do automatic currency conversion? #wishfulthinking

  • Casey McKinnon


    Unfortunately, no, since expenses don’t have a specific currency, we assume everything imported is in your base currency. I recognize this is a pain, and critical for this to be useful for you. We are talking this over internally, and will let you know here if there’s any changes.


  • ash

    what about Australian banks? I was the first one to suggest this idea??

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Ash,

    We haven’t forgotten about Australia at all :). You can request a specific Australian bank here:


  • Steve

    Why not import deposits as well as expenses? That way I could simply use FreshBooks for everything instead of also using an accounting program that I have to pay an extra fee for?

  • ash

    Hi Casey,

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I have submitted the link you sent.
    When can I expect and will be happy to text and submit feedback.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Steve,

    Agreed- we’re starting with expenses first to make sure its both simple and functional. Once we’re solid there, we’ll consider pushing it further into other areas of FreshBooks. Please watch this space for future updates.

    Ash – my pleasure, glad I could help. We don’t share timelines for new functionality publicly, but we’ll get you involved in our Beta program for Australia (by virtue of you filling out that form), and we’ll contact you with next steps once we’re ready for you.


  • Howard

    Thanks! This raises the bar and will make me a paid client.

  • Jeff


    While connecting my new bank account, the site suggests I watch a squirrel do ‘the worm’ while I wait. The squirrel is, in fact, doing ‘the wave.’ Not the worm.



  • Casey McKinnon

    Howard – great news!

    Jeff – I’m not sure how that 1980’s breakdancing reference got past our Quality Assurance team. I’ll follow-up with them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. In the meantime, please enjoy watching the “Breakin Turbo Broom Dance”:

    Stay Fresh,

  • Scott

    Hi Freshbooks,

    This could be a great new feature. My question is that I already capture most of my expenses using If I also input from my bank, there will be duplicates.

    I resolved this today by sorting the current expenses by dollar amount and then looking over the list. I can’t use date because the date used by the bank is almost always a day or two behind the transaction date on the receipt.

    So, I guess what I am asking how best to reconcile the receipts vs the bank? Solve this and you have a winner.



  • James

    Just awesome! I’ve been part of the beta and it works GREAT. I too also have mix of biz and personal expenses being imported. This does not bother me at all. After I have my “initial import” I go through and check mark all personal expenses and simply delete. I then categorize the business expenses. Once done, “archive” everything that remains. I then, once a day, click on expenses and I only see the “latest” from the day. Delete personal, categorize the business, archive… it’s SOOO EASY. This sure beats manual data entry! To the point, it was never done prior to this… Thanks again!

  • Darren Mak

    Is there somewhere where we can see a list of the available banks and credit cards etc? I’m in Canada and CIBC and Royal Bank don’t appear to be supported according to the search function… If they are not, which banks are?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Scott,

    The best way to know is just to try using both. We’ve built some tools to help you manage duplicates and categorize new expenses as they come in each day. They may be just what you need to keep your expenses sorted. If not, you may just want to stick with one system (either Shoeboxed or our Import) rather than trying to manage both inputs.


  • Casey McKinnon

    James – you’re an Automatic Expense Import ninja by the sounds of it. Looks like you’re leveraging all the things we built in to make this easier to manage. Our work here isn’t done, but I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Darren,

    In Canada, we’re expanding our available banks as quickly as we can, but in the meantime of the most popular banks in Canada we have: PC Mastercard, TD Canada Trust, American Express Canada, HSBC, ING Direct, Capital One, and MBNA. There’s a few other smaller ones as well.

    There’s some technical hurdles to overcome with regards to the likes of RBC and Scotia, which we’re working actively to resolve. We’ll send word once more major banks & cards come online in Canada.


  • Gabriel

    Is there any way we can see a current list of supported banks in Canada? Automatic importing seemed to be quite a problematic thing with most banks when I went looking for solutions.

    I’m also in the process of changing institution so that’d definitely be worth looking at before making the switch.

    Thanks for the hard work!

  • Michael

    Do you have any plan and date for France planned for this feature launch?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Gabriel – you were likely writing your comment while I was replying to the previous one. That list covers the majors, and I hope it helps.

    Bonjour Michael – Unfortunately we won’t be setting expectations ahead of time for our international launches. Once we have news to share, we’ll post it here and notify you via email. Please visit the link in the blog post to tell us which Bank you use in France – this will help move things along faster.


  • Marco DeLuca

    Brilliant. Been waiting years for this… two comments already made I just wanted to bump.

    First, importing Credits/Deposits. Casey, I see you’ve already replied and will continue to watch for the new feature. You guys tend to be slow and methodical with new features, but I hope this one doesn’t take too long:)

    Second, separating personal and business. This is really close to being a great option for personal and professional bookkeeping and accounting. Deleting personal stuff isn’t the answer. Probably a bit more work here across the board, but a sorting/filtering of business and personal transactions into different reports would be nice.

    You guys were already the best, now you’re bester?

  • Mathew

    Someone may have asked this question already and I did not get time to read all the comments above. This is a feature I have been waiting for a long time! At the same time, I need to know your privacy policy on this feature. Can you provide me with the details? Also, would anyone at Freshbooks and/or affiliates view our bank account information?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Marco,

    I like being called “methodical”, but “slow” hurts my soul! :) With your accounting data, we’d rather be 100% correct and take the extra time, than less than perfect and ship things faster. Our beta period (one of our biggest) just for this feature lasted 3 months, and what you see today is the result of the feedback folks gave us during that time. Glad you like what you see so far though, and we’ll do our best to keep delivering a steady batch of valuable things for you this year. This is just the start.

    With regards to combined Personal and Business, this functionality does indeed expose the problem of intermingling the two through your bank accounts. We’re watching this one closely, and I agree there’s more to be done here.

    Hello Matthew,

    With regards to our Privacy Policy on this feature, we’ve posted some information here:

    We don’t store any of your bank account information in a way that *anyone* can view your bank account details. At this point, the most we can do is download your expense transactions and nothing more. If we ever start to do more than that as part of new functionality we deliver for you, you will certainly be notified and given the option to opt-out if you so choose.


  • Courtney Horton

    Hey i’m sure you’ve already answered this question, but i’ll ask anyway….Seeing that you have a way to import expenses from our bank accounts, how soon do you think it will before you’re able to connect our bank accounts to our freshbook accounts eliminating the need for paypal alltogether? I’d LOVE to be able to just have our clients pay us and it go directly into our bank account. Once that is in place, it would be SOOOOO much easier to use Freshbooks for EVERYTHING having to do with my financial business and not have to have multiple vendors in that regard. As “methodical” as you may be, i’d LOVE to see this happen sooner than later.

  • SEO Liverpool

    This would be a great feature, so I will await it eagerly to come to the UK.

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Courtney,

    We only share news and information about functionality once its been made available to customers, so we don’t comment on timelines for requests like these.

    I have definitely taken note of your request here and shared it with the team – we’re always listening for new ideas to help people like you.


  • Casey McKinnon

    SEO Liverpool – thank you for your patience.

  • Philip Smith

    Doesn’t appear that Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is on your list, which is a huge Canadian institution… surprised it didn’t make the cut when it’s available on other places like, etc.

  • Philip Smith

    Just to follow up on that, I did submit the login URL with the suggestion tool, but I thought that this may be a bug given the fact that RBC is such a major banking institution in Canada.

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Philip,

    Not a bug, just something we’re still working on. We’ll continually be adding more banks every month as people request them. As with Scotia, connecting with RBC has some specific technical hurdles we’re working on before making it available.


  • C Volmer

    I agree this is a great new feature and will save me a lot of time! However, I also agree with some of the other comments that it would be extremely useful to be able to select which expenses are imported. I use the expense tracking for taxes, and some expenses, like fuel, I can’t use as a write-off…..

  • Samir Pipalia

    UK would be good please.

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hello C Volmer,

    The first import is always the most painful, because it will bring in a lot of transactions at once to be managed. In the days ahead, we’ll only bring in new transactions, and they will be easy to identify and delete every time you use FreshBooks. Give it a shot for a few weeks and let me know how you feel then.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Samir,

    Please fill out the request form, so we know which banks specifically you would like to see:


  • Shawn

    This doesnt work with TD Banks Business Direct, I just tried it and it failed

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Shawn,

    Please send an email with your FreshBooks account specifics so we can investigate further. We’ll take a look right away.


  • Rich

    This sounds awesome. Let me know when RBC is on board, as I do all my business banking with them.

  • Adam

    With this new (awesome) feature, is there any reason to use a service like anymore? Can freshbooks also help calculate my quarterly estimated taxes as well?

  • Leslye

    This is simply wonderful! I’ve used Freshbooks for years and have gone through countless other systems for recording expenses, all the while wishing I could just do it in Freshbooks. Manual entry was not an option, so this is extremely great.

    I’m surprised people are complaining about personal vs. business expenses – if you have a business you need to have a separate business checking account, period.


  • Alex

    whee is CIBC bank?

  • Brent

    Just imported by credit card and checking accounts and I am thrilled to see this new feature – thank you! As addressed before, the missing ingredient now is the ability to import credits (deposits) and the ability to show transfers between accounts (e.g. writing a check to pay off the credit card balance).

    For those intermingling accounts – please please please – the solution is not to tinker with the software – the solution is to simply get a separate credit card! Rule#1 of good software design (to me) is “Don’t bend your software to work around someone not following best practice”. My life became SOOO much easier when I bit the bullet and decided to pay the measly $500 a year it costs me to completely separate all my checking and credit card accounts.

  • Tanya

    Not very useful with no CIBC or Royal Bank support. Kind of major Canadian banks. Freshbooks is a Canadian company isn’t it?

  • Nando Rossi

    I’m located in Berlin but have most of my expenses in an American bank, and yet you won’t let me use it. Guys, I’m in desperate need for this function, you gotta get it together and make it happen.

  • Teresa

    If I’m using Shoebox to import expenses and catalogue receipts, does that wind up duplicating direct import of bank account expense items?

  • Add Insight

    Is there a way to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts? Without that feature, I would still need to maintain an accounting system.

  • Tarek

    Would you please add Scotia Bank for Canadian users?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Rich, Tanya, Alex, and Tarek,

    As a Canadian, and Scotiabank business user myself, I know these banks are really needed.We’ll notify all of our Canadian users once more Canadian banks come online.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Adam,

    No, we don’t help you estimate your quarterly taxes at this time. Outright is probably still your best option for that.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Leslye,

    Glad to hear you’re liking what you’re seeing, thanks for the kind words of support.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Brent – the idea of reconciling credits to your bank account is indeed a natural progression beyond importing expenses. Thanks for voicing your opinion here.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Nando,

    I hear you. We’ll notify you once we make this functionality available to other countries. We’re actively working on it.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Teresa,

    If your expenses are coming in through other channels as well, then it will duplicate them. Once it duplicates, it will notify you there are potential duplicates which you can then resolve. We’ve tried to make that de-duplication process fun, so give it a try and let us know what you think.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Add Insight,

    No, we do not reconcile bank accounts. The core benefit here is the ability to automatically import your business expenses from your bank accounts and credit cards. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


  • Heidi

    +1 for Scotiabank.

  • Heidi

    Will you send an email out when big banks like Scotia and RBC are added? If not where do we watch for that? Twitter?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Heidi,

    We’ll email our Canadian users once more Canadian financial institutions come online. Watch your inbox :).


  • Joan

    I’m in the US, but “bank accounts” is not showing up under the “expenses” tab as it does in your image. Are there parts of the US that haven’t been rolled out?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Joan,

    I took a look at your account, and my guess is that you’re logging in with a Staff account, rather than an Administrator account. Our Bank Accounts tab is only available to Administrators because of the sensitivity of this data. Try logging in with an Admin account and you will see it available.


  • Joan

    I’ll do that. Thanks, Casey!

  • Jonah Price

    “for a limited time it is also available to existing, free FreshBooks accounts as well.”

    A) If I set it up now, it’ll be free forever, or
    B) If I set it up now, I’ll get to use it for a while before I start being charged for it?

  • Kimberly

    I have a couple employees who have access to expenses so they can enter their expense items. Is there a way to limit their access to all the expenses from my company credit card? As it stands now, they can see any expense that is entered. I would prefer that they can only see their own expenses.

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Jonah,

    If you already have a paid FreshBooks account, there is no additional charge for this functionality.

    If you have a Free account with FreshBooks, you can try this functionality out for a while (no rush), but it will likely not be free forever. You’ll be given plenty of notice when it becomes something you would need to pay for.

    Hope that clears it up.


  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Kimberly,

    Any expense that comes in from a company credit card is automatically hidden from view from your staff. The only time an expense would appear for them is if you assigned the expense to a shared project which the staff member was associated with. But other than that, they will not see any of your expenses from your connected bank accounts or cards.


  • Michael

    Awesome! can’t wait to give this a try!

  • Daniel

    This is great. I’m still new to FreshBooks and using the free version, and I actually figured FreshBooks had this feature so I am glad it is being incorporated.

    For those using the free version of the program, how long do we have to begin using this (1) and (2) if we do use it is it an on-going use or is it for a limited time? Thank you.

  • Dickon

    This is a great feature and right now I am deciding whether to go with Freshbooks or Xero (I’d rather go with Freshbooks since you’re more fun) – but I imported all my transactions from my Wells Fargo business checking account and there were 200 duplicates – it looks like nearly every transaction was duplicated and it’s taking forever to remove the dupes… any ideas why this is happening?

  • Casey McKinnon

    Michael – thanks for the support!

    Daniel – You can start using it any time, there’s no limit on usage at this point. If you choose to use it, just understand that it may become something you need to pay for in the future.

    Dickon – Sorry to hear that – it is unusual, but we’ve had a few reports of this happening today. Can you please email with your account details? They can troubleshoot and resolve the issue for you.

  • Ezgi


    How can i send the money I have in my Fresh book account to my bank account?

  • Mathew

    Thanks for answering my security question, Casey. I have a follow up question. I read your policy and I read this sentence: “In order to provide Automatic Expense Import, FreshBooks has partnered with a third party service …”

    Who is the “third party”?

  • Ryan Ras

    I wanted to know if there is a way to have the expenses auto categorized for a vendor and or category. I know with once i put a certain expense in as a particular vendor or category it attempts to classify every future charge from that person or company into the correct category. So it automatically recognizes it and classifies accordingly.

  • Christine

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve just submitted my Aussie bank request. FANTASTIC IDEA… It is soooo refreshing to have forward thinking companies like yourselves.. Keep up the great work!


  • Hugh Macken

    My comment is somewhat similar to Scott’s 1/13 comment. I need someway to reconcile my bank statement with the expenses and income I have *manually entered into Freshbooks*. It does not need to be automatic. But I’d really need to be able to flag or tag every expense and income amount that has been reconciled between my bank statement and freshbooks manual entries.

  • Matthew M

    When will we be able to or is there a plan to be able to add expenses into multiple currencies instead of just under our base currency? This would be very helpful as I deal with multiple currencies, and I imagine many other users do as well, lumping all my expenses under one currency does not give me an accurate income expense report. Please Help

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Egzi – It may be best to contact so they can better understand your question and offer assistance.

    Hi Matthew – happy to discuss more about how this all works. Drop me an email casey at freshbooks .

    Ryan – yes, we already have automatic categorization of certain types of expenses and we’re continually improving it based on any re-categorizations we see on your end. Give it a try, and send us your feedback on how well you think its working for you.

    Christine! – THANK YOU :). We received your request, and will let you know when we expand further into new countries and banks.

    Hugh – I hear you on the need to reconcile transactions from your bank account with invoice payments done in FreshBooks. There’s certainly more that can be done here with this connection to your bank, and we’re not done yet. I’ve passed this request on to the team, and we’ll post news about further enhancements we make, here.

    Matthew – I hear you on multiple currency support for expenses, and have passed that on to the team as well. Thanks for sharing your needs here, and you can watch this space for future updates in this area.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Sandeep

    I think this is a great feature and will save a lot of time. When will this feature be added for customer in India?

  • Jon Taylor

    Is there any chance you’ll add an eReceipt feature like Expensify has.

    I’d love to use Freshbooks expense tracker solely, but Expensify generates eReceipts that are accepted by the IRS for any purchase less than $75. That way, I can throw away all those pesky small time receipts without having to snap photos and other things.

    I know I can import from Expensify, but eReceipts would allow me to remove one more piece of software from my business.

    • Phil

      Hey Jon, we do have a lot of big things planned for 2013, however I’m not sure if this is one of them. While Expensify does their thing very well, I can certainly pass this suggestion along to our Products team so that we can consider it for the future :) Thanks for the feedback, it’s what helps us grow and get better!

  • magento expert

    Australia when? thanks!! I have already submitted the form.

  • Phil


    If you’re implementing a UK varient, could you also consider an Irish one as we share a number of banks – E.G. Ulster Bank, AIB etc

  • GW

    It appears that connecting my bank account only imports the last 3 months of transactions, is this normal? Is it possible to add older transactions?

    Thanks for the help. This is a fantastic feature.

    • Casey McKinnon

      Hi GW – yes this is completely normal. Banks only readily store 90 days worth of transactions, so we’re at their mercy here. The only way to import more would be to use our File Import functionality which can be found under “My Account > Import / Export”.


  • Joelle

    Hey there,

    Looks like Bank of America isn’t working still. It was online a few days ago, then I spoke with Joele in Support and she said it was offline until some issues were resolved. But it’s connecting again — just not updating.

    Any news on B of A? And is this where I should watch for updates on this info? Thanks! :)

  • Joelle

    NEVERMIND! Joele answered my question really clearly via email. :)

    NO BofA for a while, kids.

  • Ken

    Australian Company
    am new book keeper trying to use freshbooks better
    1 can we take a live expense feed from our bank National Australia Bank (NAB)
    2 do you have an ATO tax package addon like MYOB

  • Joel Clements

    Really hoping to be able to connect my CIBC accounts soon! Really hoping … like a lot!

  • Dom

    When will you have feed support in the UK for;



    • merylmanning

      Hi Dom,

      We are definitely hoping to be able to offer all our clients worldwide access to the automatic banking imports, but don’t have a specific timeline yet. We will announce it on the blog and let all our users in all countries know when it will be available as soon as we can :)

    • Jasper Frumau

      PayPal automatic imports would be great for me!

      • Amanda

        Hey Jasper!

        Great news! You are already able to connect your PayPal account to import your expenses to FreshBooks.

        Go to the EXPENSES–>BANK ACCOUNTS tab and select the green ‘add account’ button….search for PayPal and….voila!

        Hope that helps! If you have any other questions please let us know at support[at]

        Have a great day!

        • Jasper Frumau

          There is no bank account tab Amanda. Only a file import tab and add expenses button with a link to import expenses as a .csv . Perhaps because my business is not US based?

          • Amanda

            Hey Jasper,
            Yes you’re right- sorry about that. Our Bank Import feature is currently only available for North American based companies. I will submit a feature suggestion on your behalf. In the meantime, you can bulk import your expenses from a CSV file in the EXPENSES–>FILE IMPORT tab. It’s super quick and easy! If you run into any trouble feel free to get in touch and we can walk you through the CSV import process :)

  • ryan

    Eta for RBC Canda?

  • Anna

    This is not working with US Bank. Really frustrating!

  • Mike

    When will you have support for Co-Operative Business Banking (UK)?

    • Scott

      Any news on this?

  • luke

    +1 for HSBC UK

  • Roman Bodnarchuk

    Do you work with RBC Canada and CIBC Canada?

  • HelloD

    I’ll ask again – RBC soon? It’s the biggest bank in Canada, this is essential.

    • merylmanning

      Hi HelloD,

      Thank you so much for your e-mail.

      I know we are having some delays with a lot of our Canadian Banks. If you could e-mail me the specifics of your account, I can definitely take a look into this further :)

      • Dan

        I should have looked into this but I just kind of assumed that as a Canadian company you guys would have RBC working with this ! :(

        • merylmanning

          Hey Dan,

          RBC should be up and running, have you tried to connect recently?

  • Anthony

    Westpac Bank in Australia please!!

  • Dan

    RBC in Canada PLEASE !!

  • Mitchell


    • merylmanning

      Can I get a few more specifics about your bank type. If you could e-mail me at, I will definitely look into this :)

      • Mitchell

        Hi Meryl,

        I sent you an email about 13 days ago.. just curious if there are any updates?

        Thank you so much,

  • Kimberly

    CIBC and Scotiabank +1 for each please

  • Scott Riemenschneider

    Any plans to allow users to create their own rules regarding how an expense is classified? The current automatic rules for categorizing expenses doesn’t work that great for us, and we often have to track down expenses that have been automatically classified and re-classify them. Something like the custom rules you can create with Mint would save us a lot of time.

    • merylmanning

      Hi Scott,

      Thank you so much for writing in!

      I definitely think this a great idea, being able to ensure that you have more control over the categories would be hugely helpful for a lot of our clients.

      If you could send me an e-mail with some examples I can definitely look into this further for you!

  • Niels

    Dear Freshbooks, can you give an ETA for European bank accounts? Very excited to see Rabobank as a big European and International bank for example. I’m working with Solve360, looking forward to integrate with Freshbooks and my Netherlands Rabobank account. Any ETA? Regards, Niels

  • Julien Raby

    How about CIBC in Canada?

  • Collin Stewart

    Would love to see a list of all 60 supported financial organizations.

  • Dan O’Brien

    When will CIBC join in Canada?

  • Seb Szocinski

    When will Australian banks get supported?

  • Maxence

    When will you add French banks ?

  • Geoff

    CIBC please!

    • JaclynTanner

      Hey Geoff,

      I hear you on the CIBC front :)

      Rest assured that we are “burning the midnight oil” to expand the list of banks that customers can connect to, and CIBC is most definitely on our radar as it’s one of the Canadian “Big 5″.

      If you’d like to email me your account information, I’ll be sure to notify you as soon as CIBC is added to the list. Just drop me a quick line at

  • Lisa

    Any chance CIBC will join soon?

    • JaclynTanner

      Hi Lisa,

      If you’d like to send me an email at I can drop both you and Geoff a line once we’re able to connect with CIBC.

      Sound like a plan?

  • solidstc

    +1 Australian banks? thank you

  • Tanya

    RBC Chequing and Via?
    North Peace Savings & Credit Union (Fort St. John, BC)?

  • Tanya

    RBC Chequing and Visa?
    North Peace Savings & Credit Union (Fort St. John, BC)?

    • Tim

      Hi Tanya! You can search for the bank you want to integrate with in your FreshBooks account. Just go to “Expenses” > “Bank Account”.

      If your bank isn’t supported, you can then click on a link provided on the same page to request it with us.

      Hope this helps!

      – Tim @ FreshBooks

      • Brian

        Do you have a manual bank reconciliation? This is very vital for any accounting package. Otherwise Freshbooks offers a good cloud package.

  • Tanya

    Is North Peace Savings & Credit Union supported?

  • Chris Buckley

    So when are we going to see this feature for UK banks?

  • Diane

    Hi there!

    I’ve been having issues connecting my RBC Canada business account (though I feel it’s more an issue on RBC’s end, cutting off any access because they think it’s “suspicious activity”). Any chance there’s a fix for this in the works?

    Same thing with Tangerine (formerly ING Direct). Tangerine doesn’t appear on the bank list, but when I previously tried connecting my ING business account, Freshbooks was apparently only set up for the two-step verification of personal accounts – NOT the three-step process for business accounts (first, the business client number, then the authorized individual’s client number + password, then the authorized individual’s PIN).

    Can this be fixed, please? Thank you!

  • Matthieu Helary

    Do you have bank reconciliation with french banks ?

  • zoenoble

    Sparkasse in Germany please!! :)

    • Amanda

      Hey there!
      Currently our automatic bank import feature is only available for North American based businesses. I will make sure to submit your feature suggestion to them. Until then you can go to the EXPENSES–>BANK IMPORT tab and bulk import your expenses from a CSV file. Feel free to reach out if you need any help with that!

  • Jürgen

    South African banks, please

    • Amanda

      Hey there!

      Sorry we don’t currently support automatic bank imports outside North America. I will definitely put in a feature request on your behalf. In the meantime, the CSV file import feature (found under the EXPENSES tab) is super quick and easy. Give us a shout at support[at]freshbooks[dot]com if you have any questions :)

  • Ignacio

    HSBC Hong Kong, please.

  • Sam Frysteen

    Is there a time frame in which Australian Banks are going to be added? In particular the ANZ Bank please? The guys over at FreeAgent have ANZ working already – I would hate to have to switch.

  • Steve Hughes

    I see no one has asked about bank feeds out of main USA/canada for a while. This would be a great feature and free agent features this. Any news on this, the comments are now 2 years old!!!

    Any progress?

  • Emma Farrell

    Ireland? AIB Integration Please

    • Cristina Cat Allen

      Ulster Bank integration as well? For us in Ireland would be awesome to be able to have updates :)

  • Lisa Peterson Jacobs

    You should list the credit cards and/or banks that can be downloaded into FreshBooks. I just set up 3 accounts with Freshbooks, but if the credit cards and their banks are NOT on your list, I CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE INFORMATION. Freshbooks WILL only add new credit cards and banks BASED ON HOW MANY PEOPLE REQUEST THE BANK. EXTREMELY aggravating that I should have to close a credit card and open one to sync with your program writing.