Introducing: FreshBooks for Android

Hey Android fans, FreshBooks for Android is now available for download from Google Play. This newest member of the FreshBooks mobile cloud accounting app family is designed for you. Whether you’re tracking time from the coffee shop, capturing expenses in the back of a cab or sending an invoice right from a client’s office, FreshBooks for Android will help you tap your way to getting it all done. Here’s a small taste of what you can expect:

Invoicing at your fingertips

Bill from anywhere – be it from your client’s office, the cab, airport or sofa after a long day’s work. You can even import contacts to invoice right from your Android address book and see if your clients have viewed your invoices.

Create and send invoices from your Android device with FreshBooks for Android

Effortless expenses

Snap a photo of a receipt after a tasty lunch with your client and effortlessly attach it to an expense for your records, then throw the receipt away (no more bulging wallets!). You can even rebill expenses to your clients right from the app.

Snap a pic of receipt and recoupe it


Track time on the go

Brainstorming ideas from a sunny park bench? Don’t lose those billable minutes – turn on the timer while on the clock for your client. No matter where you’re inspired, you can track every second and bill for your time accurately.

Track time on the go from your Android device and assign it to projects with FreshBooks for Android


Run your business from anywhere

Track time from the back of a cab, bill for those hours in the comfort of your bed, then easily pull together a report on your computer the next day. No matter where you are, your data is always synced and stored safely in the cloud so you can seamlessly move from one device to another without skipping a beat.

Award-winning Support

As the world’s best front-line support team, FreshBooks Support Rockstars are always ready to brighten up your day. Whether you want a walkthrough, have a question or just feel like chatting, a real, live person is just a phone call or email away and always ready to help, so you can quickly get back to doing what matters most – running your business.

Get the Free Android App

Give FreshBooks for Android a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments below – we can’t wait to hear from you!


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  • Bjorn Wallman

    Thank you lord!

    • CaseyMcFresh

      I’ll pass on your thanks to the Mobile team here! Hope you love it.

  • Emma

    Thanks so much! Been waiting on this. Can’t wait to use it! :)

    • CaseyMcFresh

      As soon as you do, consider posting a review here (or on the Play store) to let us know how we did.

  • blueberry

    bout time!

    • CaseyMcFresh

      Good things come to those who wait blueberry . Thanks for your patience, we hope you’ll make great use of the app.

  • denisgomes

    So, how about Windows Phone?

    • Faraz

      Hey Denis!

      Hear you on this and we’re definitely listening to see what other mobile devices our customers use. If you haven’t already, cast a vote for Windows Phone via the link below – it’ll help us tally all the requests :).


      Here if ya have any other questions :).

      • denisgomes

        Did it already, a long time ago. A Windows 8 Metro app would be nice as well, as I heard that it is rather easy to port a desktop Metro app to Windows Phone (or vice versa, I don’t know).

  • howtowow

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! been waiting forever for this; I got it installed and looking forward to using it like crazy today!

    • Faraz

      Awesome, that’s great to hear! Would love to hear what you think, either via a review on Google Play or right here on our blog.

  • Kevin L Mabry

    Is there any plans for Windowss 8 or Windows Phone 8?

    • Faraz

      Hey Kevin,

      No definitive plans yet, but we’re definitely interested to see what other mobile devices our customers use. If you have a sec, vote for Windows Phone here – we’re listening:

  • Kevin L Mabry

    Is there any plans for Windowss 8 or Windows Phone 8?

  • Zero One Digital


  • A1 Grand Events


  • Ankit Shah

    OMG!!! Seriously… WHAT TOOK FOR EVER. MADE MY DAY. I hated the third party software Nead Software. It was garbage. THANK YOU THANK YOU

    • Faraz

      Appreciate your patience Ankit & hope you enjoy using the app! Be sure to let us know what you think once you’ve taken it for a spin :).

  • Eric

    Bout time!!

    • Faraz

      Hear you Eric! Thanks for waiting patiently as our mobile teams prepped the release. Take it for a spin & let us know what you think! :)

  • ls

    made my day thanks 😉

    • Faraz

      Great to hear! Hope you enjoy the app :).

  • DKampDesign

    YAY! So happy this is finally available!

    • Faraz

      Happy that you’re happy! :)

  • Jonathan Nation

    I am glad this is here.

    • Faraz

      Thanks Jonathan, will share your sentiments with our mobile teams. Feel free to drop us a line right here on our blog or via a review on Google Play and let us know what you think.

  • Josh

    Is it possible to pick up development on the iOS app now? It’s been almost a year since iPhone 5, and still no 16:9 screen support. Any update?

    • Faraz

      Faraz here Josh – really appreciate your patience and definitely feel you. Now, although I can’t share the details, I can let you know it’s definitely on our radar. In the meantime, I’ll share your feedback with mobile teams.

      Thanks again & I’m here if you have any other questions.

  • luke

    Awesome. Now add 10$ for 10 clients plan and we are set :)

    • Faraz

      Hey Luke – I’ll forward this feedback to product & marketing teams. Hope you’re enjoying using the app!

  • luke

    Awesome. Now add 10$ for 10 clients plan and we are set :)

  • QueBall

    Had it freeze up the first time I saved a time entry.
    The entry successfully uploaded to my time sheet. The data was not lost or incorrect, just the app had to be force quit.
    The words “Time entry saved” were in a box on the screen.

    I opened the app, started the time entry and then left it in the background as I did other things. I was also on and off wifi, moving about, running other apps before I brought it back and finished it off and saved the entry. I did not use the timer, just manually input the amount of time and the set the date to yesterday.

    I saved some more time entries but these I just stayed in the app and did not switch away or wait for a long time before finishing them. Those all worked.

    I have been using the “Nead Money” app up to this point. It has become quite good too to the point where I no longer cared if you did eventually create an android app. I think most of the things they wanted to implement were features that required data not available in your API (yet).

  • one2love

    Finally. Real happy about this. Now to give it a spin.

    • Faraz

      Great to hear! Let us know what you think :).

  • Louis-Philippe

    Love the app. However, I’d prefer if it did not show the outstanding invoice amount so big on the front page. It makes using the app in public places a little uncomfortable.

    • Faraz

      Thanks for the feedback – consider it passed on to mobile teams for review. Happy to hear you’re loving the app.

  • Unique Alliance VA

    OMG FINALLY!! I have been waiting for this for a while… THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!

  • carla ps

    I have tried to install on my Nokia phone but no luck. Is it compatible?

    • rshok

      Ramin from FreshBooks here. I didn’t know Nokia made Android phones, what device do you have? Are you installing it from the Play Store?