Introducing: FreshBooks for iPad

UPDATE 2: Thanks again to everyone who is using the app and who gave us feedback. We also wanted to let you know that the two issues are now fixed with the latest version of the app available in the App Store. The following issues are now resolved: 1) applying the same tax to more than one line on your invoice no longer crashes the app and 2) the outstanding amounts shown on the Overview Tab are now consistent with the outstanding amounts shown elsewhere in your account, which don’t include draft invoices.

Please update the app by going to the App Store on your iPad or computer. We sincerely apologize for the problem.

UPDATE: Yesterday we released FreshBooks for iPad and want to thank you for downloading the app. Customers have reported a couple of issues they encountered while using the new app that we wanted to let you know about:
1.       Working with invoices: When you try to apply the same tax to more than one line on your invoice, the app crashes.
2.       Overview Tab: The outstanding amounts shown on the Overview Tab currently include draft invoices in their calculations. This is inconsistent with the outstanding amounts shown elsewhere in your account, which don’t include draft invoices.
Rest assured that we’re actively working to resolve these issues. Once they’re fixed, we’ll immediately release an update to Apple for approval. Once they approve the update, you will be notified to install the update. Thanks again for your feedback.

Launched today, FreshBooks for iPad is the newest installment in our mobile lineup of cloud accounting apps. It’s specifically designed for busy small business owners who want easy expense management, intuitive time tracking and streamlined online payment integration with invoices – and the ability to do it from anywhere.

Whether time tracking from the coffee shop, logging expenses from the airport lounge or sending an invoice right from the client’s office, FreshBooks for iPad will help you swipe your way to success. You can even work in your account offline and have your work automatically synced to the cloud as soon as you have an Internet connection. Create and manage FreshBooks Invoices, Estimates, Expenses and Projects just as you would in the web version and much more:

Effortless Expenses

Attach images of expense receipts directly to invoices to make rebilling simple and paperless. Plus, instantly get the status of your receivables with important information displayed about your account under each tab and on the new overview screen.


Multi-tasking with ease

Start running the timer and it will stay visible while you invoice clients or create an expense for that delicious lunch you just bought. You can also select to see timesheets from a single calendar view or filter by specific a Project.

Download the FREE app today

PS – If you don’t have an iPad or iPhone, use this form to tell us which mobile devices you’d like to see FreshBooks on next.

PPS – This update does include some bug fixes for the iPhone app so make sure you update today, too! To see a full list of bug fixes, click here.

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  • Steve French

    Looks fantastic guys! Congratulations!

    I have seen a couple of small bugs, specifically when trying to edit an invoice or estimate, it crashes every time.

    Any tips or will this have to be fixed with an update?

  • Theo

    Will we be seeing an Android port any time soon? Would love to ditch Droidbooks for this!

  • Michael

    When will this be coming to Android? I’d love to see it in action but everyone I know uses Android so I won’t be able to see how well it works until you port it :(

  • Mark M

    Still no support for assigned projects in the project list. :(

    Or tracking time against them.

    The app is pretty much useless to anyone with assigned projects.

  • Avrum Laurie

    Hey Steve, can you give us a call at 1-866-303-6061 or email us @ We’re not able to reproduce the issue here but can help you troubleshoot.

    @Theo and @Michael
    Hey guys — definitely hear you on supporting Android. We ultimately want FreshBooks to be available anywhere, irrespective of which device you choose to use. Make sure to vote for Android here:

    Hey Mark — we’re looking into supporting Shared Projects since we know a lot of folks us them and want them on mobile. Stay tuned!

  • JimPatrick

    Hi guys great app.
    Is there support for multiple freshbooks account to use the app or is it just linked to one account.

  • Casey McKinnon

    Hi Jim,

    You can link/unlink accounts to do the switch, but you cannot simultaneously have two accounts linked and switch between them.

    I’ll pass that feedback on to the team to consider it for future versions of the app.


  • patrick

    Very Nice, but I live in the ticket side of freshbooks and time entry.

    Having FB on my mobile device is great, but when I am onsite with customer I need the “tools” that FB provides that enables me to track and bill. Like large size time entry SCREEN and the Support section. Since I started using the Support in FB it has been awesome.

    I have stopped using the iPhone and iPad apps and just use FB on my iPad with the browser. Most because they have no functions for the SUPPORT area in FB.

    There are a couple of features on the support side that I would like to see that would be helpful, but that is another thread.

    It is a shame the SUPPORT area of FB is being completely being ignored….on the web, iPhone and iPad.

    Love you guys!

  • Jesse Young III

    The iPhone app is phenomenal! The iPad app is even more incredible.

    One feature that would make the world of difference with me is to be able to easily switch between multiple freshbooks accounts. I, like many I assume, have multiple businesses that I’m running off of fresh books. An easy way to switch between accounts, much like the Twitter and Facebook app allows you to do, would make mine and many other business owner’s day!!!!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Avrum Laurie

    Hey Patrick, definitely hear you on adding support ticketing in the mobile apps, this is something we’ve heard from a number of folks. If you have a few minutes, could you submit your feedback here?

    Would love to know how you’d like to use support ticketing on mobile.

    Hey Jesse, you can log out of your account on the iPad/iPhone and log into another one (just like on Facebook and Twitter). Just hit the settings button (the little gear on the homepage) and tap the Company info setting. From here you can log out of your account.

  • Bret

    I love it! There’s just this one thing….

    When assigning categories to imported expenses, the categories don’t always “stick”. As soon as I go to assign the next one, the expense I just categorized will revert to “Uncategorized”. Usually, but not always.

    Love the app. Very elegant design. Deleting could be easier too, but that’s a very minor quibble.

  • Dean

    Well done FreshBooks! You guys rock!

  • Mattias

    Just want to start this monday morning by saying T H A N K Y O U !

    I’ve had my own company since 99 and this is the first time I feel that Im in control of it and that I have a full view of income, expenses and invoicing. I can’t be happier. You made this fun. And it’s never been fun before.


  • Avrum Laurie

    Hey Bret — I’m not able to reproduce the issue on my test accounts. Could you give us a call at 1-866-303-6061 so we can try to figure out what’s going on?

    @Dean @Matthias
    Thanks guys! Much appreciated

  • Jason

    Hey guys, ipad app crashes every time I try to edit an invoice… Help!

  • Nick

    I second the whole ipad app crash when editing an invoice. Please fix!

  • Avrum Laurie

    @Jason, @Nick
    We recently released an update to the iPad app that resolves the most common crashes. Please download and apply the update and let me know if you’re still still issues (you can email and ask for Avrum if you are)

  • Rebecca

    Hey guys,

    Great app! It’s helped me streamline and organize. I only wish I could enter discounts on individual lines. Is there a manual discount window for the iPad app? Like on the website?

    Keep up the great work.

  • Fred Nilson

    I was a Beta tester for expenses and asked then as I do now to address how the expenses are being brought in from our CC and Bank accounts. Instead of a Vendor label like other services do you put that name in the comments where we should be able to describe what the expense is. This cause real issues in reconciliation and tracking. For now I still have to run 2 programs to do this work when I would much rather just use Freshbooks.

    • Phil

      Hey Fred – We try and pull the Vendor out when we can. This all depends on how the information is sent over to us from your Bank. If we aren’t able to discern the vendor from the bank logs that we get, we place everything exactly as it comes from the Bank in the “Notes” field. This is still a new feature for us so we are still working on improving and adding to it, so keep your eyes peeled for changes!

      Jay – Thanks for the idea! I’ll pass that one along to our Products team 😉

  • James Nesfield

    Is there a timetable for shared project support on the iPad? At the moment i cant see any shared projects in my project list and this is really a show stopper for me!

    thanks for an otherwise great app & service!