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Introducing Software as a Network (SaaN)

by Mike McDerment | May 7/2009 |

**”We are building an invoicing network. What network are you building?”** Today is a big news day at FreshBooks. We’re sharing a new way to design software which we’re dubbing Software as a Network (SaaN) to underscore the difference between the new approach to SaaS design, and the old. What’s different? Now, all the accounts in FreshBooks can connect with each other. If you work with other contractors, you can receive and organize their invoices in your FreshBooks account. You can also share projects from your account to theirs to keep track of your contractors’ time. Watch the video below to see how it works. Still not sure what we’re talking about? That’s okay. For now I’m going to let TechCrunch and Mashable explain it, and direct you to where we add some more colour.

**FreshBooks adds powerful features to manage your contractors.**

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