Introducing the Small Business Web

When I was in kindergarten, I learnt to play well with others. As it turns out, that’s important for more than freeze tag. (Although, nothing is more important than freeze tag!)

At FreshBooks, we get that invoicing is only one part of the project life cycle. You have to win a client, manage a project, invoice them, collect payment, and report your earnings to the government. And to do that, we know you’re using a bunch of different tools.

That’s why we have spent a lot of energy recently integrating with other small business tools. Just like on the schoolyard, it’s way better when software plays together.

Eliminating tedious manual double entry, connecting work flows, and creating new functionality makes customers happy. Creating one integrated solution for entire workflows will help attract more customers to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) when they look to replace their old systems. Ultimately, sharing customers who have accepted SaaS will grow the market for everyone.

That’s why we’re happy to be one of the founders of the Small Business Web, a loose coalition of like-minded, customer-obsessed software companies who understand the need to integrate to make life easier for small business.

The Small Business Web is not an exclusive club. It’s a call to action to the other small business SaaS companies to get connected. The Web is only just forming now, and we’re excited to be part of it.

The flipside is that software companies who don’t connect their applications will end up locked out of the market. Given the choice between products that integrate with the rest of their workflow and those that stand alone, small businesses will choose the products that integrate.

So, publish an open API, that gets data in and out. Build a few integrations yourself. Join us, help your customers, grow the market.

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  • Michael

    Congrats! I think this is a project with a worthy cause.

    The Small Business Web is a collection of customer-obsesses software companies, but is there a role for the individuals?

    I am a student that is about to graduate and these are the type of software businesses that I want to be a part of. So at the very least, I can use the Small Business Web to look for interesting businesses in my area.

  • Brandan

    This is an awesome initiative. One would think that all SaaS providers would easily grasp the benefits of open API. I guess some need a little more encouragement.

    Keep up the great work pioneering in this space – SaaS is undoubtedly democratizing access to enterprise class software and infrastructure. Driving down cost ($ and time) of backend functions leads to more time for creativity and innovation which ultimately increases the wealth of our societies! I like that…

  • Fresh Sunir

    @Michael, if these are the kinds of companies you want to either work for or start, there is plenty of room. Small business SaaS is booming right now. Working at one or starting one would not be a bad career move.

    @Brandan, that’s exactly right. It’s all about the Fortune 5,000,000!

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  • Baile Herculane

    Small bussiness to big bussiness. How to? :)