• http://jasonbarone.com/ Jason Barone

    Just wanted to mention 2 things on the Squarespace Logo creator:

    1. You can retrieve your old logos by going back to the email Squarespace sends you. They store the logo setup for you so you can always come back to it. I double checked and all of the ones I played with back in January are still available if I just click the link in the email.

    2. Since it’s powered by the Noun Project API, you can find many icons that you might not be able to find on Squarespace logo because of a mismatch in tags/keywords. If you see something on Noun Project’s website, search for that keyword in Squarespace logo and you might find it.

  • http://www.homerunresume.com Alastair

    Thanks a lot for this list. It can be a frustrating process to tinker with a logo and just as frustrating dealing with a designer half way around the world on elance.

    The Squarespace option looks good – that may be because your example logo looked the best though…

  • Jakesly

    Awesome post. Some of these I haven’t heard of.
    You missed my favorite software tho: The Logo Creator (http://www.thelogocreator.com). Different setup than what you mention above…


  • http://www.versedgyan.com/ Sudip

    Great! My friend was trying to find something like this.

  • Jack

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  • http://www.logoinn.co.uk/ John Ethen

    Very Nice Collection. !

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  • Bradly

    Really enjoyed reading this breakdown of how the free logo maker sites work. Love that you added the likes/dislikes at the end. Seems like they all want you to pay something though (I understand, they gotta make money). If you’re going to spend on a logo I recommend 48hourslogo. I’ll have to check out Elance.