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Maybe we’re not so special

by Sunir Shah | July 27/2007 |

I’m a Lewis Caroll fan. I’ve always wanted to follow Alice and jump through the looking glass. I discovered something this morning that may be my best chance yet. An enterprising lad named Edgar has posted a job offer to any plucky freelance developers:

I am looking for a site similar to Please register to the site and do a tour of the site and what it can do. Please note that I would need original work due to copyright issues.

I’m not sure what to tell my parents. Why did I sign onto a company whose current valuations, according to ScriptLance, range from $1000 to $5200 USD?

I was happy to chuckle and move on with my life, but fellow FreshBooker, Ben, posed an interesting question. Aren’t you ever curious what you’d get back from one of these clone shops? What if we raised a few grand just to see what would come back?

Anyone willing to pitch in a couple bucks?

Click here to lend your support to: Clone FreshBooks! and make a donation at !

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