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New: An easier way to share reports with your accountant

by Himali Tadwalkar | August 19/2014 | accountant, accountant-center

Starting today, you can invite your trusted accountant or bookkeeper to create their own Accountant Center, a portal that gives them read-only access to your Reports and Journal Entries whenever they need them.

Note: The way you export your journal entries has changed with Accountant Center. Read on to find out how.

Why should I care?

Now you can spend less time going back and forth trying to get your financial information into your accountant’s hands (especially during the busyness of tax time). Your accountant will love that you’re keeping your business transactions organized in FreshBooks, and can easily give them secure access to the information they need anytime. Wouldn’t it be nice if your accountant spent less time on data entry and more time on services that add value to your business?

How do I invite my accountant to connect in FreshBooks?

To invite your accountant, log in to FreshBooks and head over to the new Accountant tab (under the People tab). Once there, click Invite Your Accountant.

Next, you’ll be able to generate an email invitation to send to your accountant. Enter their email address and hit **Send Invitation**. When your accountant receives the email invitation, they’ll be able to log in or create their own Accountant Center. As soon as it’s created, your accountant will have read-only access to your FreshBooks Reports anytime, anywhere. You’ll always have the option to remove your accountant and can add a new accountant when needed. Presto! In just a few steps, you’ve sent your accountant what they need to make both of your jobs a little less hectic. **An accountant’s view** Wondering what your accountant will see when they connect? They’ll have an organized display of all of their connected FreshBooks accounts where they can view and export clients’ Journal Entries and Reports (like Tax Summary, Expense and Profit & Loss). Now that all of their clients are in one convenient place, there’s no headache of remembering multiple passwords. If you’re looking for an in-depth walk through, check out the Accountant Center FAQ page. **But wait, what happened to my Journal Entry export?** Previously, you may have sent your accountant Journal Entries from the Reports tab. With Accountant Center, you’ll no longer need to remember to email them since they can log in on their own and export the most up-to-date information in formats they can use. **This sounds great, but I don’t have an accountant yet** Fear not! Use the FreshMap to find a FreshBooks Certified Accountant. With thousands in North America and around the world, there’s likely someone close by who can help you with your more advanced accounting needs. **Are you an accounting professional?** If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, join thousands that have become FreshBooks Certified and enjoy some great benefits like free CPE credits, a spot on the FreshMap and more! **Ready to take Accountant Center for a spin?** Hop over to your FreshBooks account and invite your accountant to connect. If you need a hand along the way, don’t hesitate to call at 1-866-303-6061 or send an email to Support Rockstars are always eager to help.

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