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New: Attach expense receipts to your invoices

by Melina Stathopoulos | April 25/2012 | expenses, invoicing, product-news-2

Managing expenses in FreshBooks is easier than ever: You can now choose to attach receipt images to your invoices!

Why is this a good thing? Well firstly, if you re-bill your expenses to your clients, they can see those expense receipts attached right to your invoice (no separate approval process required). Also, your receipts are backed up, organized by expense/project/client, and all in one place—no scraps of paper floating around everywhere!

If you’re not already using FreshBooks to manage expenses, this is a great time to try it out. Here’s how:

1) When logging an expense in FreshBooks, you’ll now see a link to upload a photo or scan of your expense receipt (in .png, .jpg and .gif file format). Of course, you can still add expenses without uploading a file, too.

Attaching an Receipt to an Expense 2) When you generate an invoice and choose to include your expenses assigned to your Project, your receipts automatically get added to your invoice. To leave off the receipts (or expenses altogether), use the Edit Invoice screen to set your preferences. Attaching a Receipt Image to a FreshBooks Invoice 3) Here’s what your client will see when they view the invoice:
  • If viewing the invoice online, they can click a link below the invoice to see the receipt
  • If viewing the invoice as a PDF, the image of each receipt is displayed on a page
  • If receiving the invoice via Snail Mail, each receipt gets printed on its own dedicated page and included in the envelope with the invoice.
  Bonus! A thumbnail of your receipt will appear when you mouse over the image links: Attached Receipt - FreshBooks Invoice We’re betting that a client will be mighty impressed to receive their expense receipts as neatly organized digital files – and that those clients will be inclined to hit “pay now” even sooner. Give it a try!

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