New: Beanstream online payment gateway

Attention Canadians (and Americans)! FreshBooks now supports the fellow Canadian company and popular gateway, Beanstream. Using Beanstream takes the pain out of getting paid online so you will get paid faster and even automatically by using the magic of FreshBooks recurring billing.

We’re happy to add support for Beanstream because you, our customers, have repeatedly asked for it. Between their straightforward monthly pricing, flexibility to cancel any time with no penalty, and their great customer service they are a great fit for any small business growing their business online.

Are you Canadian or an American looking for a great online payment provider? Sign up with Beanstream. If you have any questions, you call them toll-free at 1-888-472-2072 any day of the week during business hours. They’ll help you get you setup right away. They can even get a merchant account if you need one!

If you already have a Beanstream account, then you can set it up in you FreshBooks account by going to “Settings” in the top right corner of your account and then to the page “Online Payment”. Next, check off Beanstream under the “Auto-bill Capable Gateways”. You’ll be prompted for three pieces of information from your Beanstream account: Merchant ID, User Login, and Password. Please contact Beanstream if you are unable to find the necessary information.

Canadian web apps, interested in using FreshBooks to run your billing? Beanstream is a great payment gateway and it works great with the FreshBooks API. Learn more about the FreshBooks billing API today.

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