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New: FreshBooks for Gmail

by Jamaal Montasser | October 17/2011 | gmail, google, google-apps, integrations

Nine times out of ten, you work out of your email inbox. Email is the place you often deal with clients, check off to-do lists, and manage projects.

Client emails can brighten your day when they tell you how amazing your work is. That brightness can fade when you’re trying to find how much your client owes you or trying to log hours for the emails your writing all because your spending so much time going back and forth between FreshBooks and your inbox.

Today, email and billing just got simpler by combining FreshBooks with Gmail. It’s now easier than ever to track time and manage invoices because you can do that directly in Gmail. What else can you do with FreshBooks for Gmail?

  1. **Save time by adding that new client you just closed right into your FreshBooks account.**

  1. **Quickly track time for projects directly in your email and get paid for all the hours you put in.**

  1. **Get paid faster by knowing how much every client owes you in outstanding invoices and send them a gentle email reminder.**

To get started with FreshBooks for Gmail, you need a Google Apps account. Once you have your Google Apps account setup, follow these steps to add FreshBooks to your Gmail:

  1. Visit the FreshBooks for Gmail listing in the Google Apps Marketplace.
  2. Click the big, blue “Add it Now” button the top-right side of the page.
  3. If you’re not already logged in to your Google Apps account, you’ll be prompted for your username and password.
  4. Next you’ll have to click agree to the terms of service by clicking the “I agree. Continue” button.
  5. From there, you’ll have to grant access to your Google Apps domain in order for the extension to work.

_Please note that once installed, FreshBooks for Gmail can take several minutes to start working in your Gmail. _Once you’ve installed the extension in your Google Apps account, you’ll have to input your FreshBooks account credentials (Subdomain and API Token) by clicking the “Settings” button in the top right of the gadget.

If you’re looking your FreshBooks API token, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your FreshBooks account
  2. Click on ‘My Account” in the top right of your account
  3. Click on the FreshBooks API page
  4. Volla! Your API token
If you like FreshBooks for Gmail, please leave a review in Google Apps Marketplace. If you have any feedback that could make your experience better, add a comment below or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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