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New: Hours/Rate Invoice Headings

by Ben Coe | February 23/2010 | new-feature, templates, time-entry, time-sheets, time-tracking

We are pleased to announce that you can now create invoices with headings that show “Hours/Rate” in addition to, or in replacement of, “Unit Cost/Qty”. We know this will come as a welcome addition to those customers who felt that the item-based orientation never quite matched the nature of their business. Let’s look at how you can take advantage of this new functionality:

Adding a Time Entry Group On The Fly

When you go to your invoice, estimate or recurring profile creation page, you will see your typical invoice headings, but you will also see a new “Add Line” button.

Add line Clicking on the “Add Line” button will reveal the ability to add a new item or a new time entry. In this case you want to create a time entry section, so select “Add Time Entry” and, voilà, you now have a time entry section on your invoice, complete with the new and appropriate headings. Input your time entries, and you’re good. Items and Time Entries You can now add lines to either section of the invoice in typical fashion by clicking on the ‘+’ icon beside each row, or you can now also use the “Add Line” button. Add If you’ve decided that you don’t need one of the sections after all, clicking the ‘X’ next to the column headings will remove the section entirely. Remove ### Time Sheets Adding entries from time sheets? No problem. A new time entry section will be created automatically if one does not already exist. ### Default Settings We’ve also made it easy to always start with your desired headings. In the settings of your account, under the “Misc” tab, you can choose to always start with “Items”, “Time” or Both “Items” and “Time”: Invoice Settings ### Templates The clean and classic templates have been revamped to intelligently display these new line groups and headings. It’s also smart enough to know not to show a group if there are no items or entries in that group. Invoice Template ### So There You Have It! We hope you like the new flexibility and intelligence of the new invoice headings. As always, feedback is appreciated and encouraged!

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