New: iPhone and iPad App Update

iPhone Paid Invoice iPad Dashboard

iOS users rejoice! The updated FreshBooks app for iPhone and iPad is now available to download from the App Store.  Here’s what’s new:

A Fresh New Look

The mobile app received a visual overhaul, creating an entire experience that is sleeker and offers more streamlined workflows. The beautiful interface makes it easier than ever to run your business from your mobile device.

iPad Timer and iPhone Create Invoice Screen

Clear Receipt Images

You’ll have even more confidence in the accuracy of your records with higher resolution receipt images.  Whether it’s longer receipts, or those with itty-bitty fine print, you’ll have a clear photo of all the important information you need.

iPad Expense Screen iPhone Receipt Capture

Performance Tweaks and Upgrades

With bug fixes and performance enhancements, you can be sure that FreshBooks for iPhone and iPad is ready for whatever you and your business will throw at it.

Download the update now.  Have any feedback or comments?  Please let us know, we love hearing from you!

More of an Android fan?  Head over to Google Play to download FreshBooks for Android.

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  • Adam Jones

    I know it isn’t purported to support it, but a fair warning, this will not even open on the iOS 8 beta 5. It just crashes.

    • FreshRob

      Hey Adam,

      Thanks for the heads up! As you mentioned, the app doesn’t support iOS 8 right now, but it is very on our radar.


  • Mark B Cooper

    Thanks for the great update! Would love to see the ability to switch between accounts. I love Freshbooks so much I run more than one company on it, but it’s a pain to log out and switch between each time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to have multiple accounts and choose which one you want to go into?

    • Arthurtax


    • FreshRob

      Hey Mark and Arthur,

      Glad to hear you like the update! I definitely hear you on the multiple accounts – all of these comments are seen by the mobile team, so we’ll add your voices to the feature request.


  • Jonathan Schwartz

    Great update. So clean. Having the ability to mark tracked time as “billed” upon entry would be amazing. Happy customer, but could be even more happy with this. :)

    • FreshRob

      Hey Jonathan,

      So glad to hear you like it! I think being able to mark the time entry as billed is a great suggestion – I’ve passed it along to our Mobile Team.


  • Brian

    Love the new update! It would be great to have the ability to put a simple four digit passcode lock on the app. Or some other type of security on it. Along with, as others have said, multiple accounts as I have three different FreshBooks accounts I use daily.

    • FreshRob

      Hey Brian,

      Great to hear that you’re loving the update. Both of those are great suggestions and have been shared with the Mobile Team.


    • Kyle Dutka

      Couldn’t agree more with Brian. Update is great and both of these features (pass-code and multiple accounts) would be huge.

      We love Freshbooks so much that we manage multiple divisions and companies with it, and it would be great to be able to cycle through them without having to log out and log in.

      Thanks for the great work, Freshbooks team!

  • Carl

    Looks good!

    • FreshRob

      Hey Brian,

      That’s awesome to hear!


  • Dave

    Why is the new Time Tracking feature on the iPhone different than the iPad. The iPhone version is much more functional, and it would be great if the new iPad version had similar functionality (specifically the ability to see your time entry details for the month or in list view.

    • rshok

      Hi there Dave,

      Ramin from FreshBooks here. You can actually get the same breakdown on the iPad by going to the Projects tab and select the “All Projects” option on the list (left hand side). From there you can see all time entries in a list or calendar view. You can even filter by staff member if you want :)

      Let me know if that helps you out and if you have any other questions, always here to help!


      • Dave

        Thanks Ramin; that’s helpful. It would be great if you could add time from that screen or a screen that looks similar in my humble opinion).

        Also, totally support the idea of a four digit lock screen/passcode. Suggested it at the last update as well, and doesn’t seem that technically complicated. Mint has that feature for personal finances.

        • FreshRob

          Hey Dave,

          Thanks for the suggestions, very much appreciated! We’ll definitely take a look at Mint’s app to see the feature in action.


  • denisgomes

    So, no Windows Phone yet? D’mnit.

    • FreshRob

      Hi Denis,

      No, we don’t have any app for Windows Phone right now, although you can always access your account through the phone’s browser though. That being said we’re keeping a close watch on what other devices people are requesting, so I’ve made sure to record yours.


  • Ed

    Still hoping for 2 things we’ve talked about for years… The ability to copy an invoice to a new invoice (VITALLY IMPORTANT). The website has a copy button so the app is sort of useless without it, as most of my invoices are long and difficult to do from scratch. The 2nd would be great for my corporate clients that can’t figure out who to talk to in another state to whitelist your website. The ability to EMAIL A PDF. (instead of a link to the site). I have 3 clients that I invoice weekly and i have to send myself their invoice, download it, and email it to them so they can see it. Both very simple to implement I would think… the cute animations seem to be more important than functionality though, since I’ve been asking for these for several years of being a paying customer.

    • rshok

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for your feedback. I hear ya on the copy feature and have sent your feedback to the product team.

      As for the emailing of a PDF using the mobile app, there is a workaround you can do currently by following these steps:

      1. When viewing an invoice, tap on the More Actions button and then View PDF
      2. Once the PDF is open, click on the share sheet button on the upper right of the screen.
      3. Select Mail and it will download the PDF as a attachment and open the email composer.
      4. Click Send when you are finished composing the email

      Hope that helps in the mean time, emailing a PDF isn’t available on the web app right now and that would need to happen before the mobile apps get the feature.

      Hopefully there will be things in the next release that will make your invoicing needs on to go a bit more streamlined. If you have more suggestions or questions, you can reach out to our support team by email ( or phone 1-866-303-6061


      • Ed

        Thanks Ramin, I’ll give that a try!