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New: Journal Entries for QuickBooks Desktop and CSV

by Rob Guenette | February 13/2014 | journal-entries, product-news-2, taxes

Starting today, you can share all your FreshBooks transactions in the form of journal entries with your accountant to save time during tax season. You don’t have to spend time figuring out which reports to run and your accountant gets the data they need in a format they can use. Yippee!

Huh? What are Journal Entries?

Journal Entries are the building blocks of your financial accounting and are some of the most important records that accountants require when it comes to tax time. Think of it like a master list of all your business transactions in FreshBooks, including invoices, payments, credits, and expenses. If you’re really keen to know more, check out the Journal Entries FAQs for in-depth info.

What’s in it for me?

With Journal Entries for QuickBooks Desktop and CSV there’s no more annoying back and forth with your accountant during tax-time. You’ll save valuable hours because you can now send your accountant a digital copy of everything they need (aka, your Journal Entries) in just a few clicks.

What’s in it for my Accountant?

Your accountant will receive a file containing all of your FreshBooks financials in a ready-to-use format. The file is available in a QuickBooks Desktop-friendly file format (.IIF), as well as .CSV, so your accountant can easily import it into their accounting software of choice. It will reduce manual entry as they prep your taxes and leave your accountant more time to offer you higher value services that help you build your small business.

How does it work?

Log in to your FreshBooks account and head over to the Reports tab. Right below the tabs at the top, click on the link that says email Journal Entries to your accountant:

Once you’ve clicked that link, you’ll be prompted to select a date range for your journal entries. You can go as far back as September 2012, but if you’re not quite sure what to choose, check with your accountant to find out which dates they need. Otherwise, hit the shiny, green **Next** button to keep going. Journal Entries Step 2 Next, enter your accountant’s name and email address. If you so wish, you can personalize the body of the email message anyway you want. When you’re satisfied, click on **Send Email**. Journal Entries Step 3 And voila! In just a few easy steps, you’ve sent your accountant exactly what they need to make tax time a little less hectic. **Ready to give it a whirl? Send your accountant your Journal Entries now!** With tax time deadlines fast approaching, there’s no time like the present - so go ahead and log into your account to give it a whirl. If you need a hand along the way, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at 1-866-303-6061 or email us at - we’re always listening. Happy tax time to you!  

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