New: Late payment reminders, invoice autobiography and more

Notice anything new in your FreshBooks account? Hopefully you have, as we’ve rolled out some neat new features today.

Late Payment Reminders: Per Client Management

Ever wish you didn’t have to hassle your clients when they are late to pay you? You don’t have to – FreshBooks will take care of that for you! Late payment reminders are a great way to gently remind a client that they need to pay you on-time.

Trouble is, not every client wants or needs these reminders, and so today we’re pleased to announce the introduction of the ability to turn on/off late payment reminders on a per-client basis.

But “How do I conjure up this late payment reminders magic of which you speak?” you ask? First, you will need to be taking advantage of the automated late payment reminder emails, which you can turn on in your account under “Settings” on the “Emails” page. This will universally enable them for all your clients.

This is where this week’s release comes in. To turn off the late payments for a specific client, go to your “Clients” tab and click “edit” on the right beside the client you want to turn them off for. Then, click on the yellow tags below your client’s organization’s name (like invoices). You can also do this from the Invoice but it will universally change it for all the invoices related to the client (not just for the invoice).




Invoice Autobiography

Ever wondered when exactly your client viewed a particular invoice? Or what the last change you or your staff made to an invoice? You can get it all with the new Invoice Autobiography – it even has by the minute timestamps! Just go to the bottom of the invoice while viewing or previewing it (not in the edit screen).

Side note: your clients are not able to see this history, however, staff with permissions to view invoices are able to see the autobiography. Please also note, this may change in the future and your clients may be able to see a select number of historical invoice activities.


More Invoice Languages: Danish and Portuguese

Have clients that speak Danish or Portuguese? Invoices can now be translated to both of these languages. To change the language of your invoice, just click on the yellow tags below the client’s name on the “edit” invoice page. You can also make it a default for your client in the “Clients” tab by editing the specific client. The tags are clickable below the “Organization Name.”


Referral Program: Co-Branded Landing Page and More Banners


Been sharing the FreshBooks love? As of today, when someone from your network clicks on your unique referral link, they will be brought to a co-branded landing page with your company’s name and logo on it. You do not even have to lift a finger. Here’s an example with JS Design:

Last release, we made it really easy to add FreshBooks referral banners to your website. But maybe you were looking for something that would fit in a little differently into your overall design. We’ve added some more diverse banners such as this header/footer one below:

As always, to check out the banners, go to “Refer FreshBooks” under the “Home” tab in your account.

We hope you enjoy all the new features – and as always, more stuff is always coming your way!

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  • Tony R

    These new features ROCK! Thanks a million for continuing to improve an already stellar app!

  • Louise invoice

    All of our invoices are from signed contracts with clients and if they don’t pay within a certain time period the get charged more.

  • WritingItRightForYou

    THANK YOU for the individual client late-notice feature! I am SO happy!

  • Ohio SEO

    Awesome! You just get better and better.

    My favorite is the Autobiography. Very clear and concise.

    Keep it up.

  • Jamie Smyth

    I wish wish wish, that I could book an Expense (like when i pay my developer) back to a PROJECT so that I can see Profit Margins on my individual projects. I made $1000 from this project, but I paid $899 to my developer so I made $101 on that project. All the elements are there. I already know about being able to book an expense to a client, but Freshbooks thinks I want to CHARGE my client for that expense. Not the same thing.

  • Michael Pignataro

    These are awesome features. One recommendation I think that will take the autobiography to another level would be when there is a change instead of noting the price change, also have a view button to the right so you can see what it looked like before the changes where made. This gives the users an idea of what content was changed on the invoice/estimates. So it would work like this – when you click on the view it drops the rest of the autobio down so you can see a template of what it looked like. This gives a user a complete autobio for this feature. But still a HUGE addition in my opinion and thank you for this nice feature. This we have already been using since it was launched. WOW comes in handy. What did we do before this?!?!??!?



  • Kevin

    Per-Client Late Payment Reminders! Beautiful.


  • Ahmed

    “Per Client Management” – star!

  • Tim Blanchard

    Please, Please, Please add the ability to have custom invoice numbers so that each client doesn’t share the same sequence.
    That should be a no-brainer 😉

  • Frank Boecherer

    Those are nice additions. SInce everyone else is suggesting more changes, how about being able to send an invoice BEFORE the due date. We have contracts due on the first and would like to send the invoice 2 weeks before, but have the invoice date be the date of the start of the month. right now we have to send on the 1st, and wait to get paid on the 5 or 8th or whatever.

  • Casey

    Hi Frank,

    Are you referring to a recurring invoice? Or a normal invoice?

    For normal (manually created) invoices, you can indeed send an invoice at any time. Simply set the Invoice Date to a date in the future, and send it off.


  • Mike B.

    Looks great guys! I noticed some broken links on my referral page » https://…

    If you go down about half-way, all the “Add Ons” are relatively linked to my company, not to, thus the links are broken.

    But all good stuff! Would love to see the control of “From Name” on emails sent out. A lot of people agree with me and have even proposed a solution »


  • C.R.

    Great additions! Autobiography feature, brilliant! But please…. If adding this for client view in the future, don’t forget to give us the option to turn it off. Not everyone wants a detailed list like that available for the client.

    Per-client late payment reminders is ok, but per-invoice option would be better. I have clients with different types of invoices and different terms.

    I second the motion for adding expenses to projects. The expenses feature is essentially useless to me because it wants to be assigned to a client. I have invoices from my contractors and it would be nice to mark that expense in relation to a project.

    I’m also patiently waiting for the most important missing feature to be added: the ability to type in the payment amount for credit card payments (so the client isn’t forced to pay the full amount i.e. when only a deposit of 50% is due). All of the workarounds cause issues! So excited for the day my client can specify their payment amount….

    Keep those developers pumping out code! Thanks FreshBooks :)

  • Pascal

    FreshBooks users have requested the ability in of VOIDING an invoice for while. Are you guys working on that at all (instead of creating “fresh” new features). That would certainly be awesome. We’ve been told to zero out the invoice by adding a negative line item… Not the same as voiding the invoice.

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Whipple Design

    Per-Client Late Payment Reminders – Nice work FreshBooks team!

  • Chuck Spidell

    Love the per client late payment reminders. Thanks FreshBooks, you rock!

  • John R

    Well this is great but still no solution for ordering the project list for users. I have over 100 projects listed and it looks like a retarded monkey ordered them thanks for making my life harder fresh books, takes 5 min to find a project to add time to….

  • Daniel Tsang

    Hi John R,

    Thanks for letting us know about your concern on the ordering of projects. Since there are many project lists in FreshBooks, could you let us know which particular project list are you are having trouble with?

    If you are referring to the project drop down menu used to log hours, the projects are listed by client followed by project name. If you have over 100 projects listed, one tip that might help you is that archived projects no longer show up on the drop-down-menu. This allows you to list only projects that you are working on. In addition, you can also use keyboard shortcuts by typing in the name of your project to quickly jump to your project name.

    If you are referring to your list of projects page, you can click on the column header “Project Name” to sort the list. You can also use the “Search” tool on the right hand side to find projects.

    Feel free to send us an email or give us a call if you would like more details about anything I mentioned above.

    Best Regards,


  • Michelle Vella

    Love the new features and love using Freshbooks.

    I recently changed from a incorporated company to a proprietorship and one of the best things about it is that I can use Freshbooks for all my bookkeeping needs…. and it’s so easy that I can do it myself. That’s coming from a designer who nearly failed accounting in highschool.

    Freshbooks makes bookkeeping fun cause it’s so darn easy.

    Michelle Vella
    RealSTUDIO Branding & Design

  • Chris

    Love the invoice autobiography feature! That’s a terrific addition that I’m sure will help a lot of mid-sized businesses get on board with Freshbooks. Great job!

  • Mark H

    The invoice autobiography would be great if it could track changes made to expenses to reflect the addition of a markup. That way we’d still know the actual cost without having to do the work around of making an invoice and then deleting it (so we can remember what the actual costs were when tax filing times come around).

    Please keep up the work improving FreshBooks – a great application that could still get better.