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Negotiating is for women too

Negotiation is for women too thumbnail

Negotiation is for women too Years ago when I started freelancing, I found negotiating around money to be next door to impossible. I stammered, turned red, looked at the floor. I was afraid to ask for “too much,” afraid I would be …

Should you ever scare your clients?

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The two key emotions great presenters arouse in their audience Ben, a brand consultant, spent his first year in business busting his hump to drum up business. He managed to book lots of opportunities to present to …

Coming Soon: An Easier Way to Accept Credit Cards in FreshBooks

by Faraz Shafaghi  |  July 29/2014  |  ,

Whether you’re currently chasing clients for checks or already accept online payments for your FreshBooks invoices, there’s a newer, easier way coming soon – and it’s designed and supported by FreshBooks to help you save …

When a vacation is good for business

by Mariellen Ward  |  July 24/2014  | 
vacation is good for business

Do you find it hard to leave your business and enjoy a stress-free, relaxing vacation? It’s always hard to walk away from your business, especially if you’re a sole proprietor or running a small business. In this fast-paced, 24/7 digital world, it can …

FreshBooks raises capital

by Rob Guenette  |  July 23/2014  |  , , ,
Mike McDerment

Mike McDerment Today we’re excited to announce that FreshBooks has raised $30-Million USD in our first institutional investment round.  This capital is going to help us hire more FreshBookers so we can build more award winning product faster, and execute extraordinary experiences every …

US tax perks for the business traveler

US tax perks for the business traveler thumbnail

US tax perks for the business traveler If you ever want to see a movie that will teach you a ton of great lessons about tax perks for the business traveler, you need look no further than, “Trains, Planes & …

How the pros run their business on the road

by Mariellen Ward  |  July 17/2014  |  ,

How the pros run their business on the road Running your business while you travel isn’t easy, but it’s easier than it’s ever been. If you want to know the latest and best tips, tricks and apps to …

10 Easy to Use Logo Creator Tools for Non-Designers


logo creator Regardless of how small or new your business is, creating a logo is essential to making you look professional—a key ingredient to earning business. You’ll need one for your website header, online profiles, business cards, stationary, and any other marketing presence or collateral you …

How to plan and save for your dream trip

by Mariellen Ward  |  July 10/2014  |  ,
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How to plan and save for your dream vacation If you’re like me, you think about travel more often than you might care to admit. You may even have a travel wish list, with some improbably far-flung places …

Does my website really need a Terms and Conditions page?

by Nellie Akalp  |  July 8/2014  |  ,
Nellie's Legal Lessons thumbnail

Does my website really need a terms and conditions You are in process of building a beautiful website for your business, when the developer asks for your Terms and Conditions. You’ve spent weeks perfecting the landing page messaging, …

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