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How FreshBooks can help you get paid faster


Congratulations! You’ve taken the leap and you’re following your dreams. You’re your own boss—a freelancer, an entrepreneur. Times were tough at first, but then you got some clients. And you’re working hard to make sure your clients are happy. Things are looking pretty …

Can you sue over a bad review?

by Nellie Akalp  |  September 18/2014  |  , ,
Nellie's Legal Lessons thumbnail

Can you sue over a bad review From Yelp to Google Places, Health Grades, and Angie’s List, people are sharing their experiences on anything and everything. If you run a business, chances are that someone has reviewed your service or …

Why I stopped compromising with clients

by Andy Haynes  |  September 15/2014  |  , ,
How compromise messed up a great relationship thumbnail

How compromise messed up a great relationship At times in my career I have found myself sitting across from a client trying to figure out how to resolve a sticky situation—one in which we seem to have completely opposite needs. …

Inbound marketing: 10 ways to get clients to come to you

by Kristi Hines  |  September 12/2014  | 
Inbound marketing thumbnail

Inbound marketing Do you enjoy searching for customers on a regular basis? If not, then inbound marketing may be your solution. Inbound marketing is simply the strategy of helping your ideal customers find you. The freelancers that I know who do it well get to …

New: Update to FreshBooks for Google Apps

by Rob Guenette  |  September 10/2014  |  , ,
Google Apps

Google Apps Great news for Google Apps users! The FreshBooks for Google Apps integration has been updated and is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace. If you were using the older version of the Google Apps integration you will have already …

Are you too nice to succeed in business?

by Ritika Puri  |  September 8/2014  |  , ,
Are you too nice to succeed in business thumbnail

Are you too nice to succeed in business “You’re too nice.” These three words have haunted me for as long as I can remember, from my first professional performance review to my first days as a manager at a …

September Caption Challenge

by FreshBooks  |  September 4/2014  | 
September Caption Challenge

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. By random draw, Bayworx was selected as the winner. And thanks again to everyone for playing! For many, September feels like the start of a new year – kids going back to school, office supplies are on sale and of course a change …

A pretty cool way to win business

by Andy Haynes  |  September 2/2014  | 
The Consistency Principle Thumbnail

The Consistency Principle Angie, a freelance nutritionist, once came to me for advice on developing a relationship with the owner of a gaming company she’d met recently. Her goal was to eventually win the contract to plan the catered lunches that the company provided …

Virtual assistant: your secret weapon to scaling your business

Virtual assistant thumbnail

Virtual assistant: your secret weapon to scaling your business After almost five years, I recently reached an exciting, but scary stage in my content production business—the scaling stage. My scaling strategy involves building out a comprehensive marketing education …

6 ways your accountant can help you achieve your business goals

6 ways your accountant can help you achieve your business goals

Do you think of your accountant as just someone who you send your receipts and reports to at tax time? Do you limit your contact with your accountant to a few tiresome weeks in the spring? And then wait a year to speak …

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