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Payment Notification & Thank You Letters

by Daniel Tsang | June 12/2006 | cost-of-goods-sold

I leaked some of the new features coming in our next release in an earlier post.

Today I will provide you with some screenshots and go into more details about the new feature to notify your clients of payment and/or thank them for their payment.

The new payment notification email can be customized in your ‘system setting’ area under ‘Emails’.

The interface will mirror your other customizable emails. There will be a checkmark to enable this feature. When this feature is enabled, all recurring invoices that automatically charge your client’s credit card will send out payment notification. If you typically receive payment offline and enter your payments, you can also choose to send a payment notification when you enter your payment. The beauty of this feature is that you can customize this email to be a simple payment notification such as a receipt or a friendly thank you letter or even both. People often tell us that this level of customization will allow them to improve their relationships with their clients. That is what we think software should do. If you have any questions about this new feature, feel free to post your questions.

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