PayPal Payflow Pro down “agin”

Ever since around 5:00 pm last night, the PayPal PayFlow Pro reports have been down, making it almost unusable for us (and probably thousands of others).

Here is the message that comes up when we try to view the payment history of a recurring profile:

PayPal error message

PayPal has been making a lot of changes to all their services for the last six months. Many of the changes have been great. I love their new logo, and I love some of the improvements they have made to the usability of PayPal Standard. But when they told us last month they were discontinuing the old VeriSign Manager and forcing us to use the new PayPal Manager to manage our Payflow Pro accounts, we were none too pleased.

On the surface, the new PayPal Manager “looks” very pretty… but when you try to use it to manage recurring profiles, it is a royal pain in the ass. To search for a recurring profile you have to:

1. Find the link to recurring billing that is on the very bottom corner of an extremely busy home page with way too much information on it:


2. Find the Manage Profiles link on another very busy page;

3. Click the “search by” drop-down menu and select Profile ID, then finally paste in your recurring profile ID and click Search.

Three steps doesn’t seem like much, but when you are managing countless recurring profiles, it is a big step backwards from the VeriSign Manager page that let us search recurring profiles in two very clear clicks. I think the most annoying part is having to drop down to search by Profile ID. I wish I had a screenshot from the old VeriSign Manager search page, but they had four or five input boxes for information to search on so you didn’t have to use a drop-down. Seems like only a slight difference, but it really annoys everyone here who has had to use it so far.

Playing around a little more with PayPal PayFlow Pro Manager, I have realized there is a more direct way to get to recurring profiles (Service Settings -> Manage Profiles). Nonetheless, I didn’t figure that out until just now. I’m willing to bet they didn’t invest much time in watching people use their product (something FreshBooks is going to be investing a lot more time in ourselves).

Anyway, since the reports are still down, I figured what better time to vent than now? Let’s just hope they aren’t down for long.

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  • Aaron Adams

    And proving once again that Levi is the most powerful blogger in the land, PayPal appears to have responded to his furor by fixing PayPal Manager, just minutes after his post!

    Maybe they fixed the spelling mistake in the error message too… here’s hoping we never find out, of course.