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Save up those emails

by Levi Cooperman | September 21/2006 | cost-of-goods-sold, email-marketing, email-newsletters, fresh-stuff, teleseminar

Since almost the beginning of releasing FreshBooks (formerly 2ndSite), we have been sending out emails to our userbase to keep them informed of new releases and other interesting news. We have always tried to keep these emails to a minimum even though the temptation to send more is huge. Everytime we send an email, our website traffic spikes, we end up getting more people logging into their FreshBooks accounts and quite often our sales go up. I’m not sure why we have always tried to limit the number of emails going out, I think it was a gut feel that we don’t want to inundate our precious readers with too much information, or they will eventually tune out, and the email will no longer be effective.

Seth Godin suggests much the same thing in last week’s post about emailing:

The reason I killed my email list years ago was that it was too good at provoking a reaction. People are listening (which is good) so you better be very careful what you say and how you say it. Even better, save your email for things you really and truly want to say.

Mike and I have sometimes disagreed about this in the past, but yesterday when we talked about sending out reminders for the teleseminars we agreed wholeheartedly that the email should only go to a select group that signed up for the teleseminars. Our first email about the teleseminars went out to our entire email list and it spawned a fair bit of interest. However, to do this every week we both thought would end up doing more harm than good.

I love it when we agree!

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