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3 Fascinating Articles to Sharpen Your Business Instincts

by Lindsay Lapchuk | July 2/2013 | business-acumen, small-business-articles

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re always on the lookout for ways to sharpen your instincts to make better business decisions. When you’re running a business, the learning never stops.

Here’s a roundup of some brief, but powerful learning articles from around the web recently, to keep those neurons firing.

The Secret to Selling is… Not Selling?

Bombarded with more in-your-face sales messaging than ever before, people these days are learning to filter out anything they perceive as a sales tactic. So how do you get your message heard through all this noise?

Getting through to your ideal clients means you need to be creative and clever when communicating, learning to sell without selling. Does that sound impossible? Don’t worry, here’s some wise words on how to do just that:

Sell Without Selling _as featured in

Is Someone You’re Doing Business With Lying to You?

As a small business owner, you often have to make quick judgment calls on who to put your trust in when a make or break business deal is on the line. Being able to better spot the signals that someone might not be telling the truth may help you make better decisions when working with people.

Check out this fascinating new research from Harvard Business School and the University of Madison, Wisconsin, on how to spot deception:

How to Spot a Liar _as featured in

Read This Before Taking Money from Family and Friends 

Is Uncle Ted lending you a few bucks this month to keep your business afloat? It’s a wonderful thing to be supported by the folks that believe in you most, and who want to see your business thrive- but it can also become a sticky situation pretty quickly.

Here’s some best practices to keep in mind if you’re considering a business loan from family or friends:

When Friends and Family Become Financiers _as featured in__

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