Spreading the Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is upon us – there’s no question. Despite the almost unbearable absence of snow in Toronto so far this December, I know the holidays are here because of the steady trickle of emails and cards that are arriving in my mail boxes wishing me the best of the holidays.

Yesterday we received a package we were not expecting. It included the following card:

Holiday Card

The card (in case you can’t read it) read as follows:

“Happy Holidays FreshBooks!

We stopped invoicing with QuickBooks mid-year and since then your service has given us back a minimum of 18 man-days of productivity.

Keep up the good work and we wish you continued success in 2007!”

This note (complete with a decorative purple bow) came in a large box from UPS that included a wonderful assortment of ornate boxes from Chicago based chocolatier Vosges: one box of exotic truffles, one box of exotic caramels and one box of caramel toffee. Want to know the kicker? We don’t even know which FreshBooks customer sent them!…though we do know they are a fan.

So…thank you secret admirer, wherever you are…! Between this, and our 2006 customer survey results, the gifts have arrived early for team FreshBooks. Thank you everyone and happy holidays from the FreshFolk here at FreshBooks.

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  • Chris Sciora

    I’ve been a long time sufferer of QuickBooks going back several years. Never been a big fan, but stuck with it due to sheer inertia (aka laziness). Plus, my CPA mandated it for tax prep. 😉

    Since jumping into Intuit’s online billing world about three months ago, I can honestly say using QuickBooks to send invoices is the single most painful day of each month.

    We used to print each invoice to PDF and email them as attachments. I thought *that* process was ugly, but then I was introduced to Online Billing Solutions and credit card processing. It’s a never-ending nightmare comprised of poor customer service, horrible feature set and only a tenuous link between the “online” and “offline” components.

    Yesterday afternoon was the breaking point for me. I haven’t even seen FreshBooks in action, much less used it, but anything has to be better than QB. And I only send out a couple dozen invoices each month!!!

    Looking forward to evaluating FreshBooks. My fingers are crossed.


  • http://www.freshbooks.com/our-team.php#michael Mike McDerment

    Hope FB works out for you Chris. If we can be any help, please drop us a line or hit the forum.