[SXSW Interview] Facebook Marketing Tips From Ramon Ray

Let’s face it – everyone and their grandma is active on Facebook these days and small businesses are of no exception.  Yet with the rush to embrace the latest and greatest, people often forget to ask the question “why”.  So we sat down with Ramon Ray – Editor and Tech Evangelist at smallbiztechnology.com and author of “The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing” – to find out why small businesses need to be active on social media,  how they should acquire real fans and how to measure the results of their efforts.

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  • Jason

    Good interview with useful questions and answers. Why was this interview done on a staircase though?

    • Faraz

      Hey Jason! Glad you enjoyed the interview. A few thoughts went into the decision to conduct the interview sitting on stairs:

      a) Sitting in general is a bit more of a relaxed stance, which means people are more comfortable and the conversations flow a bit more naturally.
      b) I’m a fidgety person and if I were standing, I’d probably be moving way to much, distracting everyone including myself :p.
      c) That particular stairwell was incredibly quiet compared to…well, virtually everywhere else at SXSW :).

      Did the staircase not work for ya? Would be happy to hear your thoughts/feedback in more detail :).

      • Jason

        I understand your points A, B, C and it makes more sense now. I appreciate the ABC example response (I write like that too 😀 ). I also didn’t realize that the interview took place AT a conference… so I guess there was limited quiet space for an interview.

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